Anyone ever use espoma chicken manure?

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    I found a place going out of business selling 25lb bags of espoma chicken manure for $5 each supposedly 75% off. I bought 200lb of it. Im growing 6 plants outdoors in 65 gallon smart pots outdoors semi guerilla style.

    Should I treat this as an soil ammendment and add 1 cup per cubic ft or would up too 5% of soil mix be ok, it is chicken manure pellets and has a potent smell to it im betting its hot. I start my seeds around april 20th, have all soil mixed and hauled by may 1st where it sits a month before I harden off and transplant out. I never used chicken manure pellets so im not really sure how hot it can really be.
  2. chicken shit is very hot. I will burn the hell out of em' if you don't mix well.
    We in our younger days would go clean out barn stalls, dump that where it gets direct sun from dusk to dawn.
    Mix the CS in there and run a front tine rototiller through it until its like powder. Cover it if rain is coming.
    After a couple of weeks, we would get sacks from the feed store and fill a hundred pound sack and it only weighs about 10 lbs. Very easy to carry up the hollers around here.
    Old memories of a time long gone in Ky. Thieves, choppers etc...
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  3. id suggest you make your mix now,,, and water it as if a plant was in it, and cook it off,

    i can tell you this, the N.P.K. is 3-3-3 i use bagged chicken manure also,
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  4. I'm thinking the bags should have a recommended application rate.

    Dehydrated and granulated poultry manure for organic gardening. ... Garden Beds: Mix into the top 4 inches of soil at a rate of 5 lbs. per 100 square feet (or one cup per 7 sq. ft.). Flowers and Vegetables: Apply 2 ½ tablespoons per plant.

    From their page.

    I use this but it's litter and uncompressed. A one pound coffee can per 2-3 cubic foot 4 times per year when I drop a new plant in one of my outside in-ground sites.
    I get 4 harvests per year from my grow and this is how I keep the holes producing at their best.

    I'd think your safe at 1 cup per 2 or 3 cubic feet of soil.

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  5. I understand mixing now would be ideal but I really can't. I mix everything dry (castings and compost stays moist) and haul everything about a mile out. It's much easier on my back if I fill pots then wet everything down. Im still in a illegal state.

    Thanks for the detailed response. Im going to go with 1/3 cup per cubic ft and top dress more later.
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  6. Gorilla growers have it to do with humping grow material off road and deep into the outback. Kudos my friend, I'm so glad this state went legal back in 1996.
  7. you'll have to update this thread after your grow, in case someone is looking for the same info.

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