Anyone ever use a dry net?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by justmeagain, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. As the title says :)

    Here is a link to one

    High Tech Garden Supply

    I now have aquired a 5x5x7 tent and thought about being able to hang this inside it
  2. damn man i was just wondering this exact same thing. hopefully someone will have some credible info soon!
  3. Its kinda like one of these :p

    Never used one, but I have been using a few of these for drying my leaf and other non bud material , I am planning on trying them out on the popcorn buds and the buds that get accidentally clipped during trimming , but these work great for the leaf, I get a deep layer, but it breaths from all sides, I just give it a toss every now and again. I just staple on handle to the wall, but you could hang them easily as well.

    Im using these for leaf , stems , etc

    not that exact one, but same shape and size basically...


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