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Anyone ever try Medicaps?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by itsy, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Got some sativa THC pills. They were great but took a while to really kick it. So convienient. I think almost too conveinent lol.
  2. I want to. You mean the oil capsules right? :smoke:
  3. How was the buzz?
  4. I ll have to try that.
  5. sounds cool af i gotta try some.
  6. I just saw the commercial on NugPorn. Those look so tight
  7. Its so intense lol. First your thinking ahh wtf this didn't do nothing for me then u have a couple burps that taste like bud. Then BOOM your fcking stoned. Nothing else. I call em my magic jelly beans.
  8. I love making my own edible capsules. Too bad my tolerance is too high to get the effect from one. Hm. Maybe I should quit smokina few days and make a nice concentrated capsule. Been awhile since I been on an edible ride.
  9. ^ Drsheldoncooper. Thats epic.
  10. i got 12 of them for 20 dollars. they are amazing. just 1 can get me high. 2 if i want to get stoned. the high last for about 4 hours and also crazy munchies
  11. never tried em' but I really want to.

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