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Anyone ever think of tolerance in this way?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by flashlight, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. So many people come to assume that tolerance to weed is based on how much you smoke or how often.

    I was just sitting here, having a smoke, when i realized I was high. I had a 5k run this morning and then brunch with my fam. Normally I smoke when i wake up, then again 2-3 times after work. Every day.

    So right now when I just realized I was stoned, I asked i high? yes im high bc a few minutes ago i felt normal and now i feel imparied in some way.

    SO THEN i think to myself, MAYBE tolerance is backward Maybe the more we smoke and the more often we smoke, just means we spend LESS time sober, hence MORE time high, meaning really, its not that your building a chemical tolerance, but more or less a mental state of mind tolerance. By spending more time in the day high than you do sober, you begin to foget what sober feels like, so wen you smoke, your just not noticing the effects IN THE SAME WAY you used to. You can control your actions as if you werent high..its your new reality.

    make sense? maybe we just think about it backward..

    sometimes i just find myself asing, "am i high" knowng that when i started smoking 5 yrs ago, it was no ddoubt in my mind. its bc i wasnt used to those feelings. now im so used to being high that i dont notice as much, even tho if i stop an think about it, im stoned.

    donno if any of that made sense.
  2. I'm surprised no one has responded to this. But to answer your question, yes, I have found myself thinking the same thing about tolerance. And i think its a very good way to look at it :D it's kinda crazy to think about. But woooot for deep thinking !!!:hello:
  3. sometimes.... i get up real early in the mornin and eat a spoonful of peanut butter to settle my nerves...
  4. man, i know exactly what you mean. i find myself saying " i high right now and then i try to do something to gauge how high i am lol. like talking to a person on the phone and not laughing at everything they say.: ) Ah good to know other people think about these things haha

    -stay tokin
  5. No, I actually havent thought of it in that way. I can tell clearly when Im high and when Im sober ( well after like 20 seconds or so to give the THC time to reach my brain.I can even tell how high i am, kinda high vs. fucking baked, just as im sure all of you can). I mean the novelty of being high doesnt exist anymore, but that is just cuz I know what being high feels like and its nothing new. If you take a few days off or so, your tolerance will go down a bit, but look at how you feel after you smoke and are getting sober, you want to smoke more, and you feel high when you do that. Yeah it takes more weed the second time of the day, but thats just cuz there is already THC in you.
  6. Yup, I have smoked myself sober. Its pretty much just as you explained, spent the good majority of my time high as shit. Began to feel high when sober, a really odd feeling.

    But I find changing up the strain you smoke often allows you to feel more of the high.
  7. oh dude, i think about that so much. sometimes il take like a 2 week break just to remember what its like not bein ripped all the time so i can tell the difference again =p
  8. Dude, that's hella deep thought.
  9. ya man thats something ive thought about but never really talked much about with people. i was so used to having functioning and acting completely normal (well sober cause my state of being was normally baked or at least still feelin it) at work/home/etc.

    eventually i wondered when it took a lot more for me to get baked was there a physical/chemical reason for why i didnt feel really affected, or was i just used to pushing it to the back of my mind.

    either way when i was baked and had to do stuff i would pay better attention to what and how i was doing whatever more than when i wasnt ripped. and do a better job because of that extra attention to it. or at least i thought(think) i did things better, and now i think thats the reason for why so many of us(most of us?) think or do things better when weve been toking
  10. Damn man, I actually had the exact same thought earlier today. I picked up this book called "High Culture" from the library last night and I was reading all morning. It was written in the 80s I think, but for the most part it is still pretty relevant.

    Reading that, I got to thinking about how different the actually experience of being high was the first few times you actually get high. You go your whole life without knowing this altered state of consciousness - and then all of a sudden, bam. So not only are you getting the high, but you are getting a totally unfamiliar experience. But gradually as you continue to smoke more and more, you get used to the feeling.

    Now, after years of smoking, I can hardly imagine having remember what it feels like to NOT know what a marijuana high feels like. Just thinking about it kinda bugs me out.

    Really crazy shit :smoking: Very interesting indeed.
  11. cool concept but I don't think its true.

    I think the more you smoke, the greater your tolerance, the less high you get.
    If you have a greater tolerance, you need to smoke more to get to the same level of high as someone who smokes less

    someone please correct me if I am wrong
  12. I think that in all actuality it may be a combination of the two. I'm pretty sure it's an undeniable fact that your body does build a tolerance to it... I may be wrong tho..
  13. this sounds like a great thesis for a grad student, but probably has been done, comparison of psychological and physical tolerance of cannabis or other chemicals. thatd be some interesting findings imo.

    i wonder what kinda field would be studied to do that? double major of bio chem and psych?

    damn now i wanna find out cause that be an awesome thing to be able to do, but probably wouldnt with our government. wait maybe if the study is done with only mmj licensed ppl
  14. you speak the truth.
  15. dude thats so fucking true
  16. dude +rep man. That shit blew my mind. I had to go over it a few times to catch your drift fully but I totally got ya. That was beautiful.
  17. In my book tolerance has two parts:

    1. Actual tolerance - the more you smoke the less you get high simple as that

    2. Mental tolerance - this has a greater effect in my opinion. The more you become accustomed to the feeling of being high, it doesn't surprise you as much because you know what to expect. For the same reason you are more functional in this state vs. a new smoker. I think of it as a good thing because back when I started smoking I was toast for the duration of my high but now I can resume normal functioning but have more fun :smoking:
  18. haha wow i forgot about this thread, and just read it...awesome how many of you have thought this or thought it was a cool thought. thanks
  19. This was posted a long ass time ago, but I actually thought of that recently. You just simply get used to being high. In a nutshell.
  20. I've thought about this too, good explanation!

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