Anyone ever smoked a Tical?

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  1. Has anyone ever smoked a tical... You know a blunt that has been dipped in honey and left to dry.

    I want to make one but want to know if it is worth it or if i should stick to joints and bongs :p

    Also, what do you blades think about this for a strain name?: Teenage mutant ninja purple?
  2. ehh you don't want to smoke honey man

    the sugar can crystallize in your lungs

    Sugar in lungs=BAD
  3. Don't know about the blunt in honey

    But that name could be bad ass if you bred a strain to have a look that fits the name.

    Puprle and mutant looking. It would have to be one of those strains that grows with 3 sets of leaves instead of two.

  4. Yeah cause that happens when people smoke shisha out of a hookah

    You have no idea what your saying.
  5. i remember when i smoked a tical. it was a chocolate swisher. we hotboxed it in my friends accord with 5 people. i swear it burned for 20 minutes...maybe an exaggeration, but it burned twice as slow, and it was very aromatic. however, shortly after i heard about the crystallized sugar theory, and i decided i would no longer smoke them.
  6. I've smoked a honey dutch that was also covered in honey and dried. Pretty enjoyable. A little harsh, but it definitely burns much slower. I've never heard that name, "tical".

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