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Anyone ever smoke "Woody Kush"?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by deadbynature, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. #1 deadbynature, Nov 28, 2011
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    SWIM had some woody kush given to them by a friend of SWIM and they say it was pretty good and was a mind high instead of body high but says after a week or so the taste of this woody kush got old, has anyone ever smoked/heard of this strain? The friend of SWIM says its from somewhere in cali.

    Thanks for the heads up about SWIM Is it just not required or is this site just safer?
  2. Who the fuck is swim and why are you talking like a robot??
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  3. Some forums require the whole "swim" thing, this isn't one of them, just a heads up man! But I haven't heard of your strain, sounds interesting though!
  4. Swim.... LOL
  5. Swim has heard of the woody kush ;)
  6. prolly talking about woody og (kush), I've had it before. I enjoyed it.
  7. For those who don't know, SWIM is a term used on certain forums. Stands for 'Someone Who Isn't Me' and it's a way for sissy-ass punks to weasel their way out of admitting they are the subject of the story.
  8. almost all i grow is woody kush, straight from hb county. i don't know nothing about it getting old after a week, or being an unproductive couch high. I blaze it all day everyday and get more done by 9am then most millitary:smoke:
  9. Umm, the review from marie above was plagiarized from the link you just posted, reviews hardly make it legitimate though. It is what the meds are to ya
  10. Well have you considered she went to the link, and copy + pasted the review from this site? It's not like she posted it first.

    It's on many sites when I search it, and growers get to name their weed. It looks legitimate since it is sold in dispensaries.
  11. swim must be a cool cat
  12. NJ doesn't have a lot of dispensaries does it, lol
    You give waaaaaaay too much credit to them, I would know, I've been to dozens
  13. What does swim stand for?
  14. Swim does not like the use of swim.

  15. "Somebody Who Isn't Me".

    A way for kiddies to feel secure when talking about their use of weed online, lol is all I can say to that.

  16. LOL @ swim. Paranoid ass kids.

    I'm with LMA.

    I smoke marijuana and I live in Atlanta Georgia so come fucking get me pigs. I have weed and paraphernalia and all kinds of shit on top of my dresser. Can't miss it.
  17. I don't understand the "swim" bit, but one strain I currently have is called "evergreen kush". The smell is very similar to how you described yours. and it's a cerebral high..probably the same strain with different names in different regions.
  18. Ive only ever had buzz lightyear kush
  19. [quote name='"smokin bud"']Ive only ever had buzz lightyear kush[/quote]

    Lol xD

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