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Anyone ever smoke a strain called HEADBAND???(OG Kush x Sour D)AWESOMEI'mgoingbroke..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by nps4474@yahoo.c, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Headband?

    ($150 a quart), one of the best things I have come across in the the world of mary jane.
    Aroma is spicy kush, but gets overwhelmed by that lemony gasoline smell of the D, just outstanding...I probably won't post for a while my friends....Wallet is on empty but I'm pretty fucking happy anyway (my whole room suddenly smells like someones spicy ass musty dry-rotton, skunk piss smell, just so dank and sweet, clear to anyone who walks in whats afoot)...:D...Wish I could share...(Same connect as the other recent posts guy is on his shit)

    (Pics are so-so, I'm wrecked so, but you guys get the point right?)
  2. Holy crap! Nice!

  3. Haha, thanks Hempress, seriously, I think this is my new fave, it hits super high on all marks(smell/taste/mule kick high)I'm very happy right now:)
  4. Honestly, some of the best looking buds I've ever seen :p.
  5. OG headband and Sour headband happen to be a couple of my favorite strains

  6. Why yes my son?

    Anywho nice pickup man :smoke:
  7. ^ haha

    nice pick up a bit pricey imo but deff very nice buds dat piff
  8. :eek:...thats some of the most beautiful buds i have ever seen!!! i'd pay the same amount as u did if i had the oppurtunity. great pick-up!!! + rep
  9. I have had buddies over to smoke over the last couple weeks (other posts) and they all have the same reaction when I pull out this sack, sniffing and smiling followed by curse words:DThe bowl/bubbler we smoke out of, reaks like the strain for hours afterwards, as if still full. The shit sort of clouds up your nasal passages and shit, leaves tracews of itself behind, but in a nice way, we smoked hours ago and I feel like I actually ate the raw herb rather then smoking it, still wrecked, amazing feat...I wish I could grab more right now, last I heard dude had blown through his shit in record time...
  10. Nice pick up I swear u have the best connect when it comes down to it your stuff its always legit +rep
  11. god HAVE to share..haha im just getting by with decent dank out here in lagrange, il
  12. hey man thats ridiculous pot
    im watching cheech and chong up in smoke right now and i bet that shit would CRUSH
    ive never even had a chance to smoke famous strains, but i applaud u for dropping such cash on that, ur a true stoner
  13. That's some scary good bud! Nice...
  14. very nice bud and keep tokin that dank goodness:)
  15. I just got some fire shit from the Chi.. and I'm in VA.
    Dudeman wants 65 for an 1/8 so I just got a half 1/8 to sample and.. wow, it has me on my ass.

    It smells like blueberry..

    more danks for virginia pls :\
  16. Thanks for the education, I have a few plants that are a kush x diesel, and the fuckin' buds look just like that!(only not ripe yet) I didn't even know that there was another name for it, I was just calling them KuDies. Headband is better, cause the shit wraps itself around your head from the inside. Now I'm excited!
  17. Huh, so that's what that stuff was. Few months back I was smoking with a friend who has a regular kind-bud connection that always has different shit. She pulled out two bags and packed some standard NL for the first bowl and then she pack one out of the other bag and told me her dealer had called it, "Headband". I had never heard of it before but it smoked down smooth as hell and had a really, really nice blend of citrus and spice. It tasted very 'light' and hit me hard as hell. I was absolutely faded for the next 2hrs at a movie. Good to finally find out what the fuck that stuff was. Sour D is one of my top 3 strains and it makes sense now why I liked the taste and high from that stuff so damn much.
  18. Haha, my exact reaction at first, later that night (after I got this sack) my buddy called me to ask if I had got some Headband?(uses same dude, knew this was the current kill/little higher priced said his buddies on the west coast grow this exact strain) I looked it up and saw the llineage...unmistakable...dead on blend of two awesome strains. So yummy, like lemonheads candy in a bowl.

    edit..haha straight up guys, this is the only bud that I have smoked (recently) that will sometimes just make crazy old ass random memories come up,just random snippets of the past...(mostly good stuff, just shit you may not have thought of if not high)... ever notice really crazy shit can do that(maybe its a hardened smokers thing?)...anyway...I'm fucking blowed...rambling...can ya tell?:)
  19. Damnnnn, that looks like an amazing smoke.

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