Anyone ever seen white flowers like this?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Bowhunter86, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Last 3 days before the cut these white flowers started opening up on the buds of one plant they're definitely a white flower 20190823_191050.jpg 20190823_191130.jpg 20190823_191029.jpg

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  2. I think that is what my fox tailing looked like when it was beginning...
    though I recall them as green on my plant.

    Best guess.
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  3. I back away my lights with like 3 weeks to go. I also cut the light hours down 1 hour and maybe another hour at the end. Simulate how they grow in nature. Including autos

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  4. They're male flowers, it can happen very late in flowering, most of the time it's too late for seeds to develop so it's nothing to worry about
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  5. i dont think they are male flowers ,,ive had couple plants i9n the past make what looks like a big calyx when it opened lots of pistils grew out of it from little calyxes in in side the bigger one ,,weird but true ,but the plant does look finished so there could be a male flower amongst the pistils,,mac,,
  6. Big bag of dicks right there.
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  7. They're male flowers
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  8. yep i see them better now put my glasses on lol....theres male flowers there ,,,,,,
    any how the plant i had made a big calyx that when opened sent lots of pistils out of it ,,,with my glasses off thars what it looked like to me ,,but your right about the male flowers ,,mac,,
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