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Anyone ever seen the Kibbles n Bits commercial?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dailyuser, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. The commercial with the 2 guys talking in the kitchen, the music playing in the background and the dog (Collie?) dancin'?
    It is fuckin' hilarious when you are stoned! Let me know if you've seen it! :)
  2. Musha Elnudda meso El Seeno
  3. Yup, meow mix is another good one! :):)
  4. the only one i've seen is the one were everyone is singing the song and then at the end the dogs are like 'great! thats gonna be stuck in my head all day now!' lol, funny.

    Are these two commericals on the air right now? i really wanna see the beer one!
  5. I looked in the search thingy before posting this.
  6. yeah man! those to commercials are classic. I like the meow mix one ebtter though..
  7. Thank you ganjamom! I actually forgot I posted both! Sorry, I was high!
  8. That's ok! By the way, I am a girl.
  9. I once made a special trip to 7-11 to get lighters cause all mine were broken. That's desperate! But I did it and it was well worth every mile!
  10. Awwww! Well if I were there I would go get you a lighter!
  11. I currently like two commercials out right now, the Beano commercial where the middle-aged women is out on a date and she is freaking out that she is going to rip a big fart during the date and ruin her chances for roamance. The most funniest commercials out at the moment are the Osteo-BiFlex commercials. They star Frankenstein discussing how he used to be so stiff and hard to get around but since he started up with Osteo Bi Flex he can do the things he used to dream about like play the guitar, do yoga, jog, play with the ducks at the pond etc. Very funny commercial because the actor is still in Frankenstein make-up the whole time. And the final line of the commercial is "Put some life back in your joints, try Osteo BiFlex"

  12. Haha, haven't we all?
  13. Well now I just buy a lighter every time I buy a pack of cigarettes which thank god is only twice a week.

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