anyone ever seen aaron noble's works?

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by chen, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. some of his stuff was on display at the hammer museum, which is a museum by UCLA.
    me and my friend saw one of his murals from outside and we spent a long time just standing on the sidewalk trying to describe the painting.
    here's an article on him and a really small pic of one of his murals

    from the article:

    anyways we went inside and the whole gallery was a trip. every painting looked like 80 different things rolled into one. u could spend days describing what it looks like.
    too bad they replaced his gallery, i wanted to go there high =P

    his technique is very strange too, supposedly he cuts things outa comic books and pastes em together in designs.

    anyways, if i can find the brochure that i got, ill try to scan some of the pics, cuz i havent been able to find any pics online of his works. if u have some links, plz post
  2. one of the centuries greatest.
  3. do u know of any links to his artwork? i havent been able to find any... i really wanna show other ppl his stuff. it should be considered classic stoner art like blacklight posters and pictures of shrooms hehe. i wish he'd make some posters of his works id love to have that stuff hangin in my room.

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