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Anyone ever roll there own cigs?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KB_124, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. Got kinda bored tonight so I took all the tobacco out of a Marlboro Light (they were free, I couldn't say no) and rolled it in a zig-zag. I had to take little hits and keep reminding myself that this was not a joint. But man, it gave me a buzz that i have not had in a long time. Think i might get myself some rolling tobacco, I here it tastes a lot better. It would be fun to fuck with a cop with it looking like a joint and all. Well, I used a rolling machine so it still looks like a cig though. Just wondering if anyone rolled their own...
  2. When I went to University, I (like most Uni students) didn't have much money. Being the poor bum that I was, I decided to smoke the cheapest brand available, which happened to be drum tobacco. So, I taught myself to roll them and smoked rollies for about 18 months.
  3. ugh, i remember Drum. i hope i never have to go back to that. my bf occasionally smokes rollies *gag* from butts *gag*. you have to understand - everything is closed by 10pm. if you miss the store...... i am so glad the pot store is open 24-7 :D
  4. im gonna roll my own cigg right now...that just seems like a good idea
  5. my buddy smoked drum. it seemed to be economical since university students are poor! FUCKIN HATE IT!

    I know most you guys hate it, but i put some tabacco in my blunts and joints. It helps it burn a little better (no canoeing), and gets me high (due to the small addiction i've aquired). But i do use DRUM to mix my herb with, its a bit smoother.

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