Anyone ever put chocolate milk in a bong?

Discussion in 'General' started by Captainbasch420, May 3, 2011.

  1. I think that would be delcious, just clean it out reallll good, pour a bit in. BOOM. chocolatey rips for the family.
    But youd have to empty and rinse it out right after.
  2. Damn... and I thought my weed was dank
  3. I've used many liquids in my water pieces.

    Water is always the best.

    Really cold and really hot water are better than room temp water as well.
  4. Why would you put hot water in a bong? The point of the water is to cool down the smoke.

  5. Cold water constricts your throat.

    Hot water = larger rips
    Cold water = smoother rips
  6. Milk and heat don't mix, nastiness will soon follow.
  7. The steam opens up your lungs. Don't knock it till you hit it.
  8. I put Arizona tea in my bong a few times. I didn't notice a difference although I felt more pimp
  9. Put Pepsi. No difference lol
  10. The only time I put anything but water in my bong is when I was younger, had my car loaded with friends, a bong, ... and no one who thought to bring water but had cotton mouth cures ...

    Usually would take a few drops from everyones drink and use that as bong water ... soda sucks for the first two people until all the carbonation is gone.

    But hot water > cold water > room temp water > everything else.

    A friend of mine likes using (alcohol free) mouth wash because he likes the minty taste ... but it's overwhelmingly minty for me. :eek:
  11. THC is absorbed into Fat, milk has fat. Thus you have less THC in the smoke, making this a bad idea. :smoke:
  12. I was waiting for someone to say this. Milk and alcohol will rob THC from the smoke.

    Hot water is my personal favorite choice, but only with a super clean bong.
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    Ewwww. One time we had to put mountain dew in a perc cause we ran out of water. But that's about it. Water is the way to go

    Edit: One time my friend had the blunt in his ear and he went to take a drink of chocolate milk (out of a bottle) and it fell in, after they got it out we dried it and smoked it. I insisted we put it in the bong but they didn't wanna. It wasn't that tasty at all. Haha
  14. Knowledge. I'll give it a try.
  15. Ha, when I first started smoking I filled my bong with amp on more than one occasion... You could definitely taste it. I think I'll try that again, actually.
    I dunno about milk... If I had chocolate milk, I wouldn't waste it on filtering smoke. That shit is gold.
  16. koolaid is bomb both in the bong and in a glass.

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