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Anyone ever notice this before taking a break?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by greenbliss, Sep 29, 2009.

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    I have noticed that if I smoke a very small amount (like 1-2) medium sized hits before a break it is alot easier to keep it going for as long as I need to. Anyone else notice this or is this just mental in me?

    Edit: Actually I miss weed alot right now, but I havent smoked in over a week, but without doing this, it gets hard after like 4 days, so it still helps a little.
  2. do you mean like having smaller sessions until stopping?
  3. idk im not sure what you mean. its harder for me to stop when i know im going on a long think it a week is bad i had to go a month with no bud shit sucked but my first hit when i got some bud was fuckin magical lol
  4. maybe i dont understand what your trying to say, but would that not be the same as just taking a break? because the last hits you take would be the beginning of your break no matter which way you look at it?
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    Well what I mean is that you have your normal sessions where you smoke large amounts and get really high or whatever. But, just before a break you smoke like a very small amount like 1-2 hits as the final sesh before the break, but only for the last time (i.e. second to last time before break is a normal sesh). Now, I have never done that on purpose, but a few times it has just coincidentally been that before a break I would smoke a small amount because I would only have a couple hits left, and it would be like, no sense in making this go to waste and then I would happen to go on some kind of involuntary break; city is dry, main dealer is out of town, cant contact others, I moved and dont have hookups anymore (just happenned) or whatever. I have noticed that it is easier to deal with not smoking when I have those very small sessions and then stop compared to just stopping after a nice long really stoned sesh. It works for me for some reason, maybe because when I had a nice long really stoned sesh I remember better how awesome it was the last time I was high.
  6. ohhh i understand now lol.
    That would make sense, cause quitting cold turkey after getting really fried feels kinda awkward. :smoking:
  7. yeah i get you its kinda like like if you pop a bunch of pills b4 rehab withdrawls with will be harder so i guess its just easier to deal with if you get used to not smokiin like 4 bowls eveytime you blaze

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