Anyone ever notice sex of plants when going from 24/0 to 18/6?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Hello420, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. I have a female seeds grapefruit going I started out at 24-0 and made the switch to 18-6 as the title says. Save a little money on electric. Looked today after the lights turn and she is showing her sex:hello:. I have never had this happen before anyone else experience this in general or with this strain? Really weird I thought so I thought I ask the masses. I also topped a few days ago. Grew this strain once before and it didnt happen.

  2. yes sir. there is a thread sticky'd in this section. look for "sexing" and you'll see the pictures of preflowers. they usually show between the 4-5 node, but mine showed up on the 7 and 8 first. all depends. google search pre-flower on cannabis and you'll get pics too.
  3. I know what a female looks like. I found it weird that going from 24/0 to 18/6 showed sex. I never switched to 12/12 and was under the impression that sex would only show it self once 12/12 has been made . I didnt know that was possible. But thank you
  4. Yeah I've had some pre flower under 24/0 and it surprised me too because I didn't expect to see any pistils until flowering. I thought I was doing something wrong. I usually like to veg a plant until I start seeing pistils. I see it as a sign that they are ready to bloom when I'm ready for them to :)
  5. Random question I just thought of. I noticed the males show their sex during flowering before the girls do, at least with mine they did. Will males pre flower before girls do during veg?
  6. nope plants will start to show sex during veg between (dont quote me on this but) 25-35 days old. and if its a clone (like what i use) it will show even early
  7. [quote name='"pinkbear"']nope plants will start to show sex during veg between (dont quote me on this but) 25-35 days old. and if its a clone (like what i use) it will show even early[/quote]

    So they will both pre flower at the same time? They don't start to flower at the same time so wondering if they pre flower at the same time
  8. It's cool you found out early .
  9. [quote name='"StonedProphet"']It's cool you found out early .[/quote]

    That's an awesome name. Had to say it.

    Yeah I always look for preflowers on my reg seeds as they grow until I see pistils or balls. I don't like putting plants into and out of flowering so I try looking for preflowers or flower a clone
  10. We'll I am glad to hear this isnt some crazy fluke. Does this mean that I need to be more careful now so I dont force a hermi? Although I would mind getting some seeds from her. That would get me out of buying more.
  11. im a noob in my 1st grow veged 9.5 wks and was possitive i was seeing female pre flowers. read, compared pics till i was blue in the face... 8 days after 12/12 i had 3 boys. ill always wait til 12/12 to be sure. but im learning
  12. it helps to use a nice camera and shoot pics between the nodes...when i was at an eye doctor apointment i grabbed one of his loupes...bastard left me in his room for 30 minutes so i opened up drawers lool..its a 25x loupe, shit is bad ass but its about 1.5" in diamater so its hard getting it close enough with the nodes to focus with the leaves. Camera worked waay better for me. found out my first one was a male that way...about 4 days later i could see em with the plain eye though..i just started vegin' and im praying i got some girls in there! waiting on a clone(hopefully) which would kick ass

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