Anyone ever met a celeb w backstage passes?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Fantazmic, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Ok well my mom had recently got free tickets to taylor swift, 2nd row and backstage passes, thats cool and all we have to be there 2 hours before the concert actually starts so it might be a long meetn greet but im not sure so has anyone ever met a celeb going backstage, how was it im pretty excited as I do like her music and I listen to a lot of country lately. im hoping to get some autographs I know ther will be pics as im taking my moms friends 10 year old daughter who is in love with taylor... but anyways have you?
  2. make a kanye west joke. plllleeeeaseeeeeeee for the love of god make a kanye west joke

  3. Lol no don't be that guy(do it)!
  4. Met Katt Williams and talked about how shitty Iowa weed is since we were in San Francisco!
  5. make a kanye joke!
  6. I thought about it but man that would be weird and she would probably get her bodyguards or w/e she might have and get them to kick my ass
  7. Thats awesome, just talkin to Katt would be epic.
  8. I wanted to bump this thread and see if you guys think she'd be giving out her newest cds and or signing them for us or if I should bring this girl friend of mines cd and try to get that signed.
  9. Yeah be like "taylor these back stage passes are good in all but beyonces were the best of all time."
  10. For some reason she looks alot older in that pic.

  11. Yeah she does, also the pic turned out bad but man believe me i was like wow shes beautiful in person, and well she was then and throughout her concert, just a bad pic man... maybe she didn't know it was being taken because sure didn't but I got more on my phone this was just the first part of meeting her.

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