anyone ever make up..

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  1. a fake word when youre stoned that just sticks between you and your friends?
    like so far..

    ive come up with:
    pinkle(purple and pink)
    blurping(smoke a blunt,inhale it and pound a beer..when you burp,smoke comes out)*blunt burp*
    pemmed(perfectly trimmed..) (used to use it when finding an awesome nug.way back in the day)

    and thats pretty much it..cant think of the rest:eek:
  2. nah i like the words that already exist. Cause know the definitions already
  3. Back in middle school I started calling pens, "frindles." My teacher hated it and tried to make me stop, but I got all the other kids to use it to and we won in the end.
  4. No, that is most definitely a book man

    I read it in 4th grade....
  5. yea do this all the time latest ones were

    infrastruction. teaching someone to create an infrastructure.

    filese. no clue what this one meant :eek:
  6. [quote name='"australianalien"']

    No, that is most definitely a book man

    I read it in 4th grade....[/quote]

    Is it? I had no idea. They must've based it off my life.
  7. me and my friend in middle school made up a whole language. we were weird...

  8. My friends in 3rd grade pissed me off one time because they all acted like they could under stand these little hissing noises they were making and they wouldn't teach me the language.
  9. I said grandfa once after smoking a blunt. But it's actually a good word, because it combines 2 words that mean the same thing. :laughing:
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  10. Yeah grandfa sounds cool. It sounds like a mafia term.
  11. we use trap alot but its not really made up by us i means like something you can ash blunts on the ground in and can trash/not care about
  12. Gibungamuff.

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