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anyone ever heard of jedi bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ilovedatmary, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. my friend is talkin about it saying its goin double the normal price of bud
    saying that one hit well put u in a coma
  2. sounds like B.S......but that's only over here in reality.

    edit: just sounds like he's trying to rip you off....
  3. Yeah, its a legit strain.
    While it may make you look at bit like yoda, it's DEFINITELY not worth double.

    Use the schwarts.
  4. i've seen skywalker, not jedi yet.
  5. oh dang well ill ask to let me smoke some first or somthin
  6. there's a song by slightly stoopid named after this strain. It's a tight ass song
  7. Smoked some jedi a couple days ago from out west. It's really good headies, nothing amazing though.
  8. yea im from the bay area
    wat kind of high is it indica or sativa?

  9. Last part is bullshit.
    Jedi is a pretty good strain, I've never tried it but i've seen it.
    I'm pretty sure its a hybrid, not sure which side is dominant.
  10. Lol dont buy man he's tryin to rip you off.
  11. i think that last part was just a figure of speech or whatever you call it:)
  12. ya i had some jedi keif
    it was a much more intense high but thats the way keif always is
    i think it was in the canabis cup a couple years ago, but i wouldnt pay that much for it though
  13. jedi exists.. ive seen it, it was frosted as hell but didnt have a smell.. but ur buddy is probly trying to rip u off
  14. When I first started smoking my friend's older brother was the one who usually smoked with me and he always said jedi, but it was actually master kush ;]
    I thought after so many years jedi would just die off..but I guess people still use it.
  15. I believe if you smoke it for 10,000 years you end up as yoda.
  16. I've grown out skywalker from greenhouse seeds, that shit is some potent ass stuff.
  17. sound like some sick strains!
  18. Some guy sold me something he called "red-eye jedi"

    Horrible weed.
  19. the strain is Skywalker and it usually rolls for about $350 a zone down here in L.A. When you grow it right, I think it has a peak potency of like 13%. Better than your normal commy beast, but not quite as good as even some shitty grown A to tha K....tell him to fuck himself and give you a legit dubsky....holla
  20. Nice reference. I like their music.

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