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Anyone ever hear of this?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jonsi, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. It's a very far out there situation, but I'm curious how often it happens.

    How often have you heard of a friend, or have you been in a situation where there was no grow operation, no other illegal activities, except a group of friends sitting around INSIDE an apartment or house (no dorm rooms for this situation) smoking some ganja and having the cops come and arrest them?

    The cops can arrest you for that i'm sure if they smell it and you open the door, etc. But they probably just odn't care to do it... but I'm curious have any of you really heard of this situation occuring?
  2. they would need a search warrant to enter your house, yes they would have probable cause to enter the house if it rekked of weed, by thats why you close and lock the door, plus to enter them must pronounce they are at your house to perform a search when they knock on your door
  3. So aside from the legal sense, has anyone heard of this?

    I know the process, I'm just curious if anyone has every heard of cops actually going through the process to catch someone smoking some ganja... cuz I honestly don't think they would... but I'm curious if anyone knows.

    I'm asking because on occasion when I'm smoking in my friend's condo I get a bit paranoid every few times I'm over there because it's a small ass condo and we basically hotbox it without trying. I just hate hotboxing... makes me clausterophobic, which in turns can make me paranoid. Even though I know it's cool... so yeah, just need to further proof that it's cool. Even though logically I know a cop isn't gonna go through the trouble in one night to catch someone toking in their own home.

    How about any of you have stories about you opening the doors while baking and the cop may not have arrested you but just a tlaking to? Me just curious
  4. my brother was in his appartment smoking out with his friends and the he heard a knock at the door. they thought it was another friend or me but it was a cop. he whole appartment smelt like it. they looked like it. they came in a found it without needing a warrent. all of it was on there table. they had 2 choices

    1. get mistaminer on there record
    2. wear a wire and go back to where they got the there trees. and 2 weeks later the cops will bust there dealer.

    it turns out that there was a nail pollish company next door that smelt it and called the cops...

    my bro took the mistaminer :mad:
  5. misdemeanor.
    anyways, he could have refused the cop entrance at the door. the cop would have needed to go and get a warrant since the offence wasn't more than a misdemeanor. at least that's as far as i understand it.
  6. not really because it was all in plain view.
  7. Im pretty sure that smell alone is not enough to let them inside. If you open the door and they see something then they can come in. Also, they will probably pressure you into letting them in with empty threats, watch Busted if you need any more tips.

    BUSTED - The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters
    The YouTube may or may not work, but Im sure you could get the *COUGH*torrent*COUGH* if you looked hard enough.
  8. ok first of all if he has a peep hole use it...and if it is a cop shut the lights off and tell whoever else is in there to lock the door behind you. While talking to the cops if they ask y u came outside just say that someone is sleeping and you don't wanna disturb them. Say they same thing if they ask to search.
  9. ^Never lie to a cop- just tell them you don't consent to a search. Telling them someoneis sleeping is just going to make them say something else, JUST BE HONEST- if they want to search it's your right for them to have a warrent. And it is very hard to get a warrent just for someone complaining about the smell from kids smoking pot in there home.

    Smell is not enough for the cop to enter your house. They need a warrent. They may act tough like they can bust in but that is only an option if the situation calls for it- hostage, guns, wounded person, loud music, etc. OR anything in plain view.

    OR the landlord/home owner has the right to let police search the property if they agree to it without a warrent being needed
  10. It entirely depends on the state. I know you won't have any problem with cops over pot over here in Oregon, believe me.(Unless you're an underage kiddo) One time I was blazing a bowl in my car, stopped at a light with a car in front of me. The car takes a right turn, and smack dab in front of me across the street sitting at the stop light is a cop car, with a pipe in my mouth and a lighter applied. We look each other dead in the eye, and put my shit away, expecting him to flip a bitch and bust me. The light turns green, I roll by him while we look at each other, I see him chuckle and take his turn, doesn't bother me. ^_^

    I know Seattle, Oakland, and Denver all have city laws making pot smokers the lowest priority for LEOs.(Law Enforcement Officer) Portland might have one too, I forget.

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