Anyone Ever Have This Happen?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Prophis, May 19, 2010.

  1. So I germinated 3 Jack The Ripper (TGA Subcool)

    Like always, in a shot glass of water in the dark. On the 2nd day i check back and all of the seeds are sprouted- but One of them had 2 white tails coming out. It was pretty odd and awesome. crazy genes in this one..

    So i popped em in soil. and a few days later LOOK!

  2. wow dude same thing happened to me with some bag seeds i planted as pratice...germinated them then planted one per dixie cup and now i actually have 2 that has more than one growing in it .... anyone know how this happens i'd love to find out cause i have been thinking i just accidentally put more than one seed in mine:D
  3. ha!

    yeah man, that's so awesome.

  4. fuck it. if one seed makes two plants let it be. grow it out like that and post pics along the way
  5. i have had this happen before... i dont know why it happened but im positive i put one seed in. i grew it and it was basicly two plants so i got double the yeild out of it. just let it be and grow it as you normally wood.
  6. SWEET! haha

    i thought about trying to seperate them when i transplanted today but i didnt and after reading these comments im glad i didnt.

    illl be sure to post pics on my grow thread in my sig. if you look at the ones i took today you can probably see that one pot clearly has 2 in it
  7. WIN!! :hello: :smoke: I want one.
  8. haha, YES it is indeed win. Let's hope it's a girl, that will be epic.
  9. That's trippy man, keep updated

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