Anyone ever have a "Cinematic Moment" with your pet?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Senior PoopiePants, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Then share! Here's mine:

    I have a parakeet. We aren't sure if it's a he or a she yet, so we call her a "she" in the meantime
    and her name is "Snowbird".

    So I've only had her for a few months - bought her in her first or second month of life, and I've been
    teaching her to talk. And this bird picks it up nicely.

    So she can say "Snowbird", "Pretty Bird" (I take FULL responsibility for that one), and I also taught
    her to say "I can fly" because she's just learned to fly (And I got to watch her learn).

    Anyways, she's in her cage (I keep the cage door open at all times now, except when I'm gone). I'm
    on my computer - probably on GC.

    I didn't even see it coming - I was into whatever I was into on the computer.

    She flies onto my shoulder, which is rather normal. Then she just says in a low-toned "voice" - "I
    can fly" - And then flies away! :laughing: She was silent the whole day, and that was the first thing
    she said.

    Cracked me up! Anyone else?


  2. shes a beauty <3 :] well one day I was trying to avoid my dog,he was always with me! an I needed space from him because he wanted all my attention well this was before I knew he could open doors..I locked the door an suddenly I hear him coming..I start to hear scratching on it an I'm giggling cuz he can't get in but I just waited for him to go thing I know the handle twists an my door pops open lol he found his way in..god I miss him so much,glad he opened that door..I got a little more time with him then I wouldve had..
  3. Nice stories. This happened to me just now, and this seems like the appropriate place to share. :smoke:

    I was sitting on the front balcony of my house, with my dog, Nelson, smoking a joint. The sun is setting, it's hot, and it just rained; so it's kinda steamy. The street was empty until I noticed this big, black cat walking by. And it was being followed by Sir Mixalot.

    Let me tell you about Sir Mixalot. He's a local, ginger cat. We're not quite sure where he lives, but he always shows up when we're having a sesh or a drink in the backyard. I don't know what his real name is, but we call him Sir Mixalot. He's only ever out at night, and he prowls the street like he's on security detail.

    And this was definitely a security breach. Sir Mixalot was totally shouldering this black cat out of the neighborhood. Just following him from an uncomfortable distance, at the exact same pace, stopping when he stopped and staring him down the entire time. He escorted him right to the corner, where our street T-junctions with another street. The black cat took off running and Sir Mixalot went to sit on a nearby house step.

    All seemed cool for a moment. Until an air horn sounded from somewhere in the distance. Sir Mixalot took off running like he was on a mission, off in the direction the black cat went.

    Everything was quiet once again, and I continued on with my business until another cat came footin' it up the road from the opposite direction. It was pretty small, and it was walking at a pretty quick pace. I couldn't help but notice that it also kept looking around, stopping to listen, and checking behind it. Like it knew it was in the dragon's lair. It made it to the end of the road and disappeared.

    Nelson and I looked at one another at the same time, then stuck our heads out over the edge of the balcony to see what we could see. But things had gone quiet again.

    I came inside, so I don't know if Sir Mixalot came back. But I feel safer knowing he's making his rounds. :laughing:

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