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Anyone ever had this? or know what happend?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by XxiFuSiiONzxX, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. okay i got pissed and stoned sat down in some chavy tunnel last night.
    I rolled my first spliff and smoked it, i couldnt even finish it i had to throw it then i felt dizzey. i sat down and passed out. i woke up and moved my arm and everything was in slow motion. If i moved my arm it would take like 2 secs but it felt like it was moving for like 30 secs, hard to explain. Anyone know what happend and should i continue smoking weed?
    My mate had 2 spliffs with me and he ended up pulling a whitey and was sick 5 times :L
  2. not to me, but a while ago one of my friends was new to blazing and he thought everything was going in slow motion for like 2 hours straight. he liked it though
  3. almost the same thing happened to me but i was at the bottom of a hill and a bush party... i almost passed out standing up and fell in the fire but my buddy helped me to the log and brought me back to life.. was inteennsseee! i explain the whole story on here somewhere, dont worrie man was just an intense hit :p probibly on the verge of greening ur bodys like naw dawg peace
  4. Alcohol + MJ = Dizzyness, Nausea, etc
  5. I got wasted at a wedding, came home and smoked a bowl or 2, started playing some video games and the damn tv started spinning and I couldn't even focus. I laid down and went to sleep. I think we experienced the same shit hahaha :smoking:

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