Anyone Ever Had An Out Of This World Sex Dream?

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  1. So I'm posting this because I've never heard of anyone else having a similar experience, but then again I don't really just go around asking this kind of thing. Anyways, about 3 years ago I had a very real (feeling) dream that I was at a party and I saw a beautiful girl, soon as I saw her my adrenaline began to pump. Then when she looked at me I felt a stronger adrenaline rush, and I went up to talk to her, while I was talking to her she began hitting on me. Her hitting on me caused an even greater rush and we walked away to a room where she took her clothes off (enter even bigger rush) and when we embraced I woke up and sat bolt upright with adrenaline coursing through me... it was honestly the greatest thing I have ever felt, the rush was similar to one if you jump from a really high cliff or go off a really high jump... but even stronger. I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night and I was instantly addicted to the feeling. I had the dream again the next night, but never since. Anyone have a similar experience?

  2. Sooo have I ever had a sex dream? Lol yeah.
  3. Yep! That's the only action I get, in my dreams.
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    No way what I described is a normal sex dream... theres no way... I felt like I just base jumped off the grand canyon while sticking myself with epinephrine. 
  5. Your descriptions are hilarious. Any more to share?
  6. Yes. I hesitate to give you the details of the dream but yeah, I know what you are talking about.
  7. You mean like a wet dream?
  8. Nah, it was all about the adrenaline. I've had a wet dream, this is different. It's an incredibly powerful rush, I've never felt anything like it. 
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    I dont think iv expierence that type of dream, wet dreams iv had, and their but much fun imho, what do you think the dream meant? Maybe that has something with the you think.anything in real life that may have influenced that type of dream? Like could you do it again if could? Or is it somthin special that comes n goes with no reasoning? Perhaps the dream interpreation thread could help some. Worth a try.
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     that moment you think you tipped too far back in your chair and your going to fall... right onto bigfoot's beef jerky stash.
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    I can't conjure the dream again, but the girl in the dream was one that I met down in Santa Barbara... I don't think it meant anything special between the two of us though, I never felt that with her. I'll try the dream thread for shits and giggles... I've got some trippy dark dreams I think would be interesting to share. 
  12. Nah, whenever I get some booty in my dreams I always wake up into a hypnogogic state and blow a huge fucking load. Then I end up waking up all the way because there is a big, cold, wet spooge spot on my sheets, because I almost always sleep naked.
  13. Out of this world like aliens?
  14. One time when I was 16 I had a dream that I pounded a dragon anally. I remember it blowing smoke out its nose
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    I've had similar feelings from dreams, but not paired with a dream just like you described.
    First time I fell "in love" (read "in lust" or "infatuation", but I thought of it as "in love" at the time), started with a dream about the guy in question. It wasn't a standard sex dream either--there was some kind of accident or battle and he ended up seriously injured. He was laying down, covored in blood, maybe dying, and I was kneeling beside him, also covered in blood, bent over him, had pulled off my shirt and was trying to stop the bleeding. Adrenaline was already high, and then there was another surge as I looked down at him--suddendly realizing how turned on I was. There was a kind of "What?" moment, and I woke up..on the verge of orgasm. The adrenaline, tension, and desire for that particular boy didn't go away. It may have helped that at that time I VERY rarely dreamed about anybody I knew.
    I'd had sex dreams starring nobody in particular before, and I've had many more since, but even though this dream had no sex in it, it was more charged than a lot of dreams that did.
    Norepinephrine is the opposite of epinephrine (which is the same thing as Adrenaline). It is the adrenaline inhibitor.
  16. I've had many. 
  17. Your mind/body doesn't know the difference between a dream and reality.  I mean what is reality anyways, everything is just caused by an electric pulse in your brain for the most part.
    That is why when in your dream you fall off something you feel the samething you would in real life. Like riding a roller coaster.
    Ever done drugs in your dream and gotten high in the dream?  Ever had a nightmare and woken up sweaty with fear and faster heart rate?
    If you are a guy, that's how you get wet dreams.  Sex in the dream feels like the real thing hence you blow your load.
    I've recently had a lot of sex dreams for some reason and yes I woke up humping air. Ha ha
  18. LMAO
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    Ah, ok, thanks for clearing that up for me. The dream you described sounds more like it. I get a lot of standard sex dream responses, but I think people are forgetting there wasn't even any sex in this particular dream, it got too intense before hand to stay asleep. Thanks for the response! It feels good knowing someone else experienced it. :) 
  20. to this day, i still occasionally have a wet dream, usually with an unfamiliar chick. i wont recognize the face in my dream, but i always cum and my orgasm wakes me up, and i'll wake up as im cumming. unusual? im 27 and i have sex roughly(roughly, HA!) every 57 hours.  but i still get wet dreams...

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