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anyone ever grown berry ryder auto or amnesia auto

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bigfoote01, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. I am completely new to growing. I'm looking to buy some berry Ryder and amnesia seeds from the attitude seed bank. Has anyone grown these? Were you happy with the end results? What kind of yield can I expect if I'm growing with flouros, cfls, and led? Thanks.
  2. If anyone has grown it id like to know your experience too.

    Auto flower strains Usually have smaller yields and are less potent than other cannabis strains.

    But ive personally never seen berry ryder grown or heard of the yield it produces. I saw it on attitude and wanted to try it even for an auto, but i didnt want to risk disappointment.

    Long story short...bump.
  3. White Dwarf Auto

    60-Day Wonder (Willy's Wonder)

    Both auto, both potent, both easy for first time growers and great yield for being autos. Both Attitude seeds. Check those out and see what you think. They're both great.
  4. [quote name='"greenman3"']White Dwarf Auto

    60-Day Wonder (Willy's Wonder)

    Both auto, both potent, both easy for first time growers and great yield for being autos. Both Attitude seeds. Check those out and see what you think. They're both great.[/quote]

    What was your average yield for 1 plant?

    The setup you used?



  5. General Hydroponics Waterfarm (drip recirculating system with coco pebbles)
    2 plants each grow--1 of each strand. 2 600 W HPS. General Hydro's Flora Series nutes. 60-day wonder averages 2 oz and so does the White Dwarf. Started out on 24/0 and changed to 18/6 which is not necessary with these autos, but does kick them into blooming a little better. Now we're gonna get 10 posts saying '2 oz out of an auto?', but the full hydro system with a 600 W HPS on each makes them do wonders. Both are about 40" and have a nice bushy structure. Also, vegging them for 2-3 weeks under MH will lead to more veg growth to support the increased yield you'll get, and then I run them under the HPS 5 weeks. So I'm running them 80-90 days depending on the grow's progress. My buddy who's grown for a long time was shocked as shit when he saw them. He said he imagined an 18" plant with one large bud (which you can do with autos) when he thought of autos. Anyway, both are very strong indicas with indica highs. The white dwarf has a very strong odor throughout its veg and flowering, while the 60-day Wonder has essentially no odor until ripening--but it's a sweet lemony odor and really isn't pervasive. Gimme a sec and I'll post some pics. Both are strong highs and will lock you down for a good long while. With autos though, you can really start and flower them a whole lot quicker if you really are focused on time and want a smaller faster grow. DNA Genetics produces the 60-Day and say 28-40 g per plant per m2, but with a nice hydro setup with plenty of light and a great grow room you can get damn near double this. Only doing two at a time makes it easier to have a better, larger yield too.
  6. Damn, those sound good. Im gonna look into wonder. But with my setup with weaker lighting i doubt i could get anywhere near close a yield.

    Pics? Yes, yes indeed. :devious:
  7. 60 Day Wonder
  8. White Dwarf (first pic was too)

  9. 60-Day (Willy's Wonder). Still has 3 weeks to go.

  10. [quote name='"greenman3"']White Dwarf (first pic was too)


    That white dwarf is lookin NICE bro.and the wonder :D Good work let us know how they smoke!
  11. I am germinating two berry Ryder's as of this morning. May start a journal once I get them to pop.
  12. There's a Canadian fellow on the forums that has recently harvested some Berry Ryder. Here's the link to his thread:

    I would highly recommend autos myself, if you treat them right you can get some very decent yields. I got 67g dry from two Easy Ryder seeds (Lowryder II x AK47) and they are dwarf plants... There is also a guy who managed a world record auto harvest of over 300 grams on one plant. His name is Seymour Buds and he hangs about on auto flower should check out his Auto Mazar or Think Different grows if you are not convinced! (both Dutch Passion strains) I'm going to give Berry Ryder a go at some point, maybe even in my next the moment I have Auto Blueberry and Auto Mazar going.
  13. I have 4 Berry ryders on day 60 from seed right now i lst'd 3 and let one grow naturaly.... Ive been taking pics since they were germinated, but the blog got lost during GC's upgrade. Not sure how to link, but ill try to

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