anyone ever grow in regular soil

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    what were the differences i mean i know you can add nutes but the buds still grow and everything? i mean i wonder if anyone has ever done this cause they can't afford any fox farm or miracle grow at the time. i bought like 10 bags of potting soil with peat in it when i first wanted to start growing not understanding that different soils were out there.
    and one more question can i put new seeds in fox farms ocean forest and germinate them cause thats how i germinate seeds in the dirt and what not?
    i want to get 5 more plants going tonight?

  2. Yeah, I use just regular multi-purpose compost.  Some of the cheaper stuff can be a bit acidic and have poor drainage, but if you can find an own-brand that's good then use it.  Actually you mention the soil has peat in it, this might mean it is a little too acidic, but it depends.  Some plants are more sensitive than others.
    If you transplant to a 1 gallon pot then a 3 gallon pot, and you don't grow it too big for the pot, then you can grow a successful crop with no nutes or just a couple of feeds.  If you have enough soil to sustain the whole grow, you can get away with just 1 or two feeds using miracle grow or a tomato feed.  Your biggest problem, in my experience, is calcium/magnesium deficiency, which can be fixed with one application of calmag, possibly by an application of cheap epsom salts, or an MG/tomato feed.
    NOTE: I would not recommend using these feeds more for more than 1 or 2 applications.  The nutrient ratios are not suited to sustain a cannabis plant, they are only acting as a generic boost to the natural soil content.  The key is having enough soil for the size of plant you are growing.  Cannabis is a crop plant, like a tomato.  Both need feeding when you grow them in a small container, but you can get away without it if you grow them in a raised bed or a large container instead.
    Germinating seeds in the soil is okay, but you do need to use a small container initially otherwise you can massively over-water it.  You don't want the seedling sitting in cold wet soil for days on end, it will rot the root.  If you are used to using seed trays and stuff for other plants, then you know what you're doing.
  3. Don't use ocean Forrest to germinate. I haven't ever tried it but I use it for everything else and people say it's too hot.

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