Anyone ever grow Frisian Dew

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  1. i'm going to be ordering some Frisian Dew seeds for an outdoor grow. i need a discrete plant with small leaves and one cola. this plant looks like it but idk if this one pic is how they all will come out. if anyone has any experience with this plant any info would be really appreciated

    so basically will it come out like this or is this just the main cola
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    yeah i'am growing 2 of them in plant pot's outside i've topped mine so they would bush up at the moment i have got 1 at 3 foot and 1 at 3.5 foot really big leaves lots of side branches very bushy long thick leaves i only have them in 10ltr pots i don't want them to grow to big because of the nosy fuckin naibours like te copper behind me i'll keep intouch on the grow and let you no how they grow. 1 of my frisian dew has been eaten by the root's that is i found these white grub's with brown head's in the soil the only 1 i have left has has eleven branches on it and there all growing straight up which should start to flower any time now i'll send some pic's a.s.a.p.

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