Anyone ever go Cooler Hopping?

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  1. So i live near a trailor park, and when i was younger we would always go up to peoples trailors and steal there beers, since its the trailor park everyone keeps a nice cold cooler outside with beer, Kind of fucked up thing to do now that i look back, but when i was younger we would go every weekend and get shitfaced, half the time getting chased by people who watch over there cooler like its a diamond or some shit.
  2. LOL. Well, yes I did, but that's a more ghetto version haha. In south Lincoln, everyone's rich and everyone keeps a fridge in their garage. 9 times out of 10, that bitch is loaded with tasty brew.

    I've probably sipped on a good 100 - 150 beers because of my garage hopping success. Hell, me and a couple of my friends made the paper once. We stole a whole fkn case of key stones out of some dudes fridge, he heard us and came out and attempted to shoot us with a bb gun. One got me in the shin and hurt like a bitch. Never really got caught.

  3. I do the above, except it's gas stations and not garages.
  4. how the fuck do you steal from gas stations!?
  5. they're the easiest places to steal from. They don't nearly ever have the alarm things you go through when you walk out. Grocery stores are usually a different story.
  6. so you walk in, go to fridge take beers, and then walk out? no ones like uhhhh stop?
  7. hell yeah. You just go in there, take a couple 40s or whatever to your liking, stuff them somewhere, act like your looking at shit, and casually walk out. I've only stolen beer from a gas station once though. When I was walking out I asked the clerk where the nearest place was I could get some milller high life because I noticed they didn't have any in there.

    it was all jesus.
  8. You go in, go to the fridge, grab 2 24 packs and walk up like you're gonna pay keep your face low and just dart out the door and bolt...I look so ghetto runnin down the road with 2 24 packs, but hell free brew. I've been chased before, but never close to being caught...which is surprising cuz I weigh like 280 and jacked from a 130lb woman before.

    ~Edit~ Gas stations are harder than grocery stores, but yeah sometimes when I don't wanna risk running with 2 24s, I'll slip 2 40s up my sleeves. I always wear my hoody even in the summer time.
  9. you guys all fucking suck for stealing beer :mad:
    ESPECIALLY from people who use their hard earned money to stock their fridge.
    seriously, get a job and PAY for it
    there's a novel idea :rolleyes:
  10. come on sugar, it's America's 2nd favorite pass time :wave:
  11. lol the gas station i live near has a side exit which people just get 30 racks and walk out my friend stole two 30 racks with his fucking letterman jacket on, the football coach identified him and he had to pay for the beer, but got no criminal charges
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    never really stole anything
  13. LOL. ok ricky.
  14. cvs is VERY easy to steal from, just take a box, walk into the bathroom and take it out, put it in yo pocket and walk out
  15. If you are stealing visine you need a job.
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    lol it might i walked in cvs and the alarm went off and when i walked out i let everyone go before me and yet again the alarm went off and i had nothing but lent in my pockets
  17. u think your cool for stealing.... your friends might be into that but thats not going to get you far here.
  18. i do need a job
  19. Stealing from people and small mom and pop shops is a no-no in my books, but you can steal from fucking huge corporations all you want, i'm sure the fucking greedy pigs at shell and other gas stations wont miss it, drop in the bucket. they already rape us at the pumps.

  20. i dont steal beer to be "cool", i do it to get drunk.

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