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anyone ever get too high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GotBud, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Sometimes if I smoke alot of marijuana I get quiet and kind of paranoid . Is this normal and can I do things so it dosent happen as much?
  2. yes, smoke less bud... It happens to me all the time especially when I have to do munchie runs and have to stand in stupid lines
  3. The more you smoke the more obvious it is, if you smoke one joint you'll be fine a little buzzed, but if you smoke 3 or 4 you'll be zoned out and probably laughing at anything
  4. I don't think I've ever smoked more than like two blunts at a time. @____@ I'd freak out if I did more than that. I feel like more would just be a waste.
  5. ate a brownie that I was in no way prepared enough for. Made them way too concentrated, just had to kick back and wait it out. It was a little too much when I peaked :D
  6. Loaded a dutch up with dank kief. First time smoking kief so I didn't know what to expect. Got way too high to the point that it almost ruined the sess.
  7. Smoking more usually helps me. If I don't smoke enough I get really paranoid but when I'm super blazed. 0 and i mean 0 fucks are given

    Its different for everyone IMO
  8. As long as I have a harness on, I'm usually fine.
  9. I know what you mean man.I'm like that too.All I could give you as an advise,is that to just calm yourself down like watching t.v,listening to a movie and to do any other shit that you like doing to get you out of that "quiet and kind of paranoid" shit.

  10. same... why smoke more than you have to?
  11. i usually only smoke a bowl, i got an extremely low tolerance :D

    I get high and sometimes i even get too high, i just chill and learn to enjoy it
  12. Ive had lots of times where i didnt know if i was almost passing out and just kind of dizzy and tired, or just suuuper fucking high :eek: so im guessing ive been "too high" a decent amount of times. Usually itll take me 'round 7 or 8 fatty rips to get me zombied like that, but its fun to think about how fuckin high i was after i notice im not as blazed anymore. :smoking:
  13. Yes you can get too high.You feel like your gonna freak out n die.Its not fun.So beginners beware,don't try to impress anyone,just take a small hit and see how you handle it..
  14. Yeah, being too high is not cool. It's a very VERY scary place to be
  15. thats only happened to me with taking too many dabs in a row.. those fuckers catch up to you... :D. I just went to sleep though, weed hasn't made me paranoid in a long, long time

    edit: being quiet though, i'm almost always quiet when I smoke, especially when I dab. That's totally normal to me and a lot of the people i meet and know. It's not a bad thing to me, I enjoy listening, but to each his/her own
  16. Plenty of times. Not that often in the last few years but still occasionally.

    If I'm too high I'll smoke a cigarette.

    The initial nicotine rush intensifies my high for a short period but ~10 minutes after a cigarette my high has gone down by ~25%.

    With no nicotine it takes at least an hour for me to lose 25%.

    I'm not recommending cigarettes mind you, but it does work for me in the "too high" situation.

    As far as your question op getting a little quiet and a little paranoid isn't that uncommon.

    My advise would be try different strains and see what works for you..
  17. I smoke a gram or two in a couple of bong rips. I either watch tv, listen to music, play music, or play videogames.
  18. I smoked hash out of a bong after a long break. For a little bit I was really uncomfortable but I got over it after a few minutes.
  19. Can never smoke too much, you can't O.D. Its just increasing paranoia and heart rate. Your being pulled into the Fight or Flight response, you need to tell yourself your just smoking weed and feel really high and it should stop. For awhile I would smoke a lot and my heart would race and I would have anxiety, but I got over it!
  20. dude i know where you coming from. i always over smoke but you feel less paranoid when you start laughing mad. just ignore that your too high and think about some funny shit lol :D

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