anyone ever get through to a completely anti marijuana parent?

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  1. im sure the stories are few but id enjoy reading any. i guess even if you just convinced any person that all they know is propoganda id like to hear it and hope youll share whether it be a teacher, cop, uncle, grandma, older brother etc...
  2. I think i did with my sister, I was caught earlier this summer, and my parents told her and we were talking about it the other night apparently she got pretty mad about it(shes 20). but this was a while after so she wasnt then, but i seriously had a 2 hour talk with her about every single aspect. from why its was made illegal do to racism and yellow journalism, and they faked scientific studies and they mexican cartels and the money that can be made with taxes and how its not bad for you. they one thing i cant shut down is the high driving aspect, but people will do that wether or not its legal and its miniscule when compared to drunk driving. she was like wow did you tell mom and dad this? so i think i got through to her. Defeat ignorance one person at a time right?​
  3. Well I would have billed my parents as anti-pot when I was growing up, they didn't talk about it too often but the general understanding was that if i got caught smoking weed i would be in serious trouble. Well, it turns out my mom was only anti-pot because she was "ignorant," but I had a few serious discussions with her about the propaganda the government disseminates, the fact that it has legitimate medical uses, is not addictive, does not severely impair your mental faculties like alcohol, has never killed anyone, etc. and eventually we started talking about teenagers experimenting and she understands it happens, so she told me she would rather I smoke weed than drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. Not long after, I told her I smoke weed because it makes me happy and makes me enjoy listening to and creating music is the kinds of fantastic ways that you cannot describe in words, but I am sure my fellow stoner-musicans understand. She was initially shocked but now her official stance is that so long as it's only like once a week with my friends and we aren't driving around high and/or doing stupid shit, it's acceptable, or if I just want to go out and smoke and then come home and play music or something, she doesn't really mind.

    She can usually tell when I am high and sometimes she gives me a hard time about it if she thinks I've been doing it a lot lately, but she isn't going to punish me over it or anything. I feel very fortunate for these circumstances overall, because I still do sneak around to a degree since I don't like her knowing I'm high, but the paranoia of being "caught" and being "in trouble" is no longer in the back of my head like it is for my friends, so I can really relax these days.

  4. Same here. Its nice knowing your wont be in trouble. I keep it on DL here too tho

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