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anyone ever get this feeling?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dc123, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. That while you're stoned, life feels almost like a video game. But you're just deep in trance, playing a video game, but it is real life.

    I feel this especially if I drive after smoking.


    Thanks for any input
  2. There's a thing called tolerance, i think neither of us have it
  3. [ame=]Clear Conscience - Island Feeling - YouTube[/ame] ?
  4. Haha I get this occasionally. Used to be all the time, but then, tolerance appeared. I also get cartoon/pastel vision as well with some sativas.
  5. pot used to give me that, not anymore. however i get that feeling from a couple unmentionables :hippie:
  6. lmao yea man its a cool feelin to me ... but u only live once so dont drive off a ramp lol.

  7. Are you a ninja, YO!

    Do you maintain when your in the zone?
  8. haha wow im jealous ive never experienced that or cartoon vision before
  9. today i was smoking some new strain of weed and it got me fucked uppp

    times gone by so fast, and its like im in a movie or some shit
  10. Ya, that used to happen all the time back in the day or when I haven't smoked in a while. When me and my buddy hung out to smoke and we would almost get uncomfortably stoned and had to do something physical such as driving, we would act like it's a video game, and BOOM, perfect coordination/concentration. Mind over matter.
  11. There's some crazy shit going on in here and it smells like weed.
  12. I'll tell ya the feeling I get when I smoke weed. It's a feeling I would describe as being "high."

    YA DIg

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