Anyone ever get that feeling?

Discussion in 'General' started by ZeroFallen, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Anyone else get that real weird sensation that there is someone behind you? Its with me almost constantly and I need some advice on how to get rid of it. Its horrible always being unable to relax. Think it might have came from having somebody very close to me just shatter my trust completly by severly invading my personal life a few years back, and now it seems im incapable of trusting or growing close to anyone. Man it fucking sucks having nobody..nobody to open up to.
  2. I get it every now and then, all I can say is look behind you when you get that feeling, it takes away some of that feeling.
  3. Just know that your life isn't a horror movie, and you're overreacting.
  4. yeah just all mental, look behind ya and with out trust you have nothing, learn from your mistakes and live life!:)
  5. What's wrong with havin' people behind ya?:cool:
  6. no don't do this. yeah it will take away some of the stress, but the more you do it the more stressed you will be when not looking behind you.

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