Anyone ever get insane sleep paralysis??

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  1. For about the past year, usually once a week, I have been getting some pretty bone chilling sleep paralysis. Basically, I'll find myself laying in bed with my eyes open, however my vision is very unfocused. I will be completely aware of my surroundings (ex: real life noises, lights, touch, etc) however it turns creepy very fast. The blurred vision gives me an instant sense of fear, followed by the attempt to snap myself out of it (as I usually realize what is happening) but always fail. Usually at this point, I begin to see horrific shadowed figures standing in the room. Last night, for example, I saw what seemed to be a ghost child wearing a hooded robe walking back and forth at the foot of my bed. My girlfriend was laying next to me in bed at the time but during the paralysis I was all alone. I could hear her saying things like "ugh it's so hot" or "are you ok?" (Probably because I was twitching) During these episodes, I constantly try to call out for help but I am unable to get the words out of my mouth (think of someone who is literally drunk beyond belief who tries to talk but it comes out as muffled, mumbling jib jab). Anyways, does anyone else get sleep paralysis ever? Anyone come up with any helpful techniques to stay calm? Lemme hear what you guys have to say
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    Also, forgot to mention but I was thinking about this today. What if this could be some sort of astral projecting? I vividly remember last night, during the paralysis, I turned over and found myself floating about 6 inches off my bed. I'm relating the feelings I get to the movie Insidious haha. Like how the boy is able to hear his dad calling him from reality (I could hear my gf), how there are ghosts/demons surrounding his available body (hooded ghost child), etc. It's just weird because usually during sleep paralysis you can't move, however I find myself squirming and rotating quite often in my "dream" even though I'm not in real life. The thought of that being a real phenomenon is really tripping me out lol
  3. Time to stop fighting it bruv.

  4. Only had sleep paralysis once and it was terrifying lol.

    Woke up (or so I thought) in my room, pitch black, maybe some light shining through the curtain. Couldn't see anyone or anything but felt like someone was there.. For some reason in my head I said to myself, I had better not close my eyes, then re-open them and see something. Sure enough when I do, some ghastly shadow is just stood, chillin' at the end of my bed just to the right. Slightly human shaped, it had no depth, like staring at someone made of the 'vanta' black stuff, it was just a shadow of something or someone.

    I tried to shout out for help but nothing came out of my mouth, like as hard as I shouted the only thing coming out of my mouth was air, but it kinda felt like my voice was crushed, not painfully though in anyway, it's hard to describe.

    Then I feel a grasp around my right leg, not a hand though, I have no idea, and it feels like I'm slowly being dragged out of bed just by my right leg but I can't move or do anything to fight it. At this point I'm going crazy trying to shout for help and still nothing is coming out my mouth, I can feel blood rushing to my head, pressure as I try and shout.

    As I'm being dragged out I remember that the desk by the side of my bed has a sharp edged corner on the end of a railing along the bottom and I'm thinking, is this it? Is this death that I'm seeing? Am I actually going to die Final Destination style, dragged out of my bed and crack my head open on the railing then someone finds my cold dead body several days later? Proclaims it an accident "He must have just rolled out of bed while asleep and unfortunately hit his head".

    Suddenly I wake up, properly, and I'm in the middle of my bed, haven't moved an inch. But christ... it was scary.
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  5. Yup. I have a scientific explanation of my purple haze dry spell lucid dream sleep paralysis night. Astral projection is one way of seeing it, as you said OP.

    Like 2 days before Christmas last year I traded in some ps2 junk and my Pokemon yellow cartridge to get 10 bucks, which earned me 2 grams of purple haze.

    On Christmas Eve when my stash was nearly depleted I had a sleep paralysis dream about dying a brutal beat down type death that sequenced into 3 distinct parts like beginning, middle and end.

    Thinking back I associate my physical labor of skating about 16 miles that Christmas Eve Eve and having an abundance of lactic acid build up due to muscle fatigue. Combining muscle fatigue with dry spell worries, sleep paralysis had me good on Christmas Eve.

    The effects of being in that state was like sweat soaked sheets of night terror, paralyzed neck down and couldn't utter a word with some kind of huge weight on my chest. It was pretty trippy to say the least.
  6. Sleep paralysis sucks... I've had episodes where its happened every night for a week. Sometimes multiples in a night. Shadow figures, aliens and demonic things are usually in the mix when it happens. I've developed a habit of laughing hysterically during encounters at said figures, I laugh at them and sort of taunt them and show no fear. Usually wake up after that.

    But there are circumstances where the paralysis seemed to last forever and I couldn't force myself out of it no matter what.

    When I first started projecting I always used imagining myself as a white brilliant ball of light to dispelled darkness.

    You're already on your way to projecting while being in paralysis. Best thing you can do when you're aware is to relax and try an inniciate vibrations in your energy body. Once you get the vibrations strong enough you can pop right out of your body and off into the ether. Then it's all a matter of maintaining awareness without the disturbance of your own thoughts.

    Another technique is to feel yourself falling back and sinking into your bed, deeper and deeper.

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  7. I used to have it almost every night early this year.. but now the nightmares have suddenly disappeared.

    I used to feel a presence in my room .. I could see a shadow next to my bed, from the corner of my eye.. but i couldn't directly look at it because i couldn't move my head. It takes a lot of willpower to wake up .. but you kinda do if you 'push' hard enough .. lol

    One time I felt my feet being whacked from underneath.. was a tactile hallucination obviously, but felt pretty damn real. It's like .. all of the sudden there's wind blowing in your face, your face gets cold.. sounds like a roar.

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