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Anyone ever get baked off like a sprinkle of bud?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Solid State Society, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Dude I found a nickel bag of weed in one of my pairs of shorts. Strange thing is I wore those shorts last winter. I still remember. I needed something to keep my legs warm so I wore these old Gap shorts. I put the dank I got off my friend in the pocket of these shorts, it was a .7 , no joke. So I smoked mostly all of it in my pipe lol. It was a bud he called "supernova" or whatever. I left a tiny spec of weed in there and threw it back in those shorts but totally forgot about it until today. This is a year+ old weed.

    So I smoked it in my pipe. It didn't even look like a .3.

    But now I'm so baked. Awesome. I should use my pipe more often
  2. every day man :smoke:
  3. haha whenever I'm out of weed and scrounging, I'll end up packing a bowl with like .1 of vaped weed topped with a bit of shake. It's enough for a buzz.
  4. yea:smoke::smoke: every day
  5. I remember back when the smallest amount of dro got me blasted. It was awesome.Look at your grinded dank. Two or three of those small pieces is all it took.
  6. Those were the days
  7. They really were...

    I get stoned at night, and lay down on the most comfortable couch in the world and watch TV. At that time, I literally tripped out. Even off that small amount, I kept hallucinating that I was actually in a fucking huge space, looking at a huge ass screen. I dont get that anymore :(
  8. I miss that too dude. I used to smoke a bowl and be toasty for the rest of the night, smoking with friends was insane. Now I'm smoking two bowls outta my bong to feel a buzz. Time to take a T break!
  9. Man I'm getting higher than usual today, smoked two blunts of some grand daddy purple, then a blunt of some shipwreck, then a blunt of some poison og with some hash :cool:
  10. I wish this everyday!:smoke:
  11. I only get baked off of handfuls of bud :(
  12. one bowl and im flyin high..... i like to have a low tolerance.
  13. I've actually heard people say that weed's like wine and leaving it for a long time makes it danker.

  14. yea, you know, under my pants so i have two layers instead of one.
  15. yep I always keep my tolerance way low, its the best way to do things, it makes smoking more of an occasional treat and the high is always much better
  16. that only happened to me once, some random older guy at a bus stop gave me about .5 of some dank he got out by San Louis Obispo because i let him use my phone. It smelled amazing and was red and green.

    Threw the .5 in my pipe and two hits later i was blasted :p

    i never saw that guy again :/

  17. Same here man, I just took a 3 month t break. Best thing I've ever done for myself :cool:
  18. These days all I smoke are gb so just about every time I get high it's off a tiny bit of weed.

    I love conserving weed and still getting high all the time.

  19. You mean Trainwreck right?
  20. Nope.

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