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Anyone ever get a bad case of cheese face while blazing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DutchX5, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. You know sometimes after you take a hit you just get that uncontrollable grin that you can't get rid of? It's like your smile muscles just go "fuck this is awesome!"

    Sometimes it screws you over if your friend is telling you a serious story or something and he just thinks you're not taking him seriously, and you're trying to convince him you are, even though you look like an complete idiot.

    Anyone else get this? And I'm not talking about that smile you get every time you blaze, I mean the shit eating grin you can't control and your face hurts after.
  2. Only weed i can recall doing that to me was Northern Lights from ''The Labrynth" coffee shop. in amsterdam

  3. I really hope to get to Amsterdam in the next few years. I'd imagine all the weed there is beyond incredible.
  4. yeah hahaha, that's happened to me once, my friend and me got baked, and he did was making these funny noises and all the way back home i kept thinking of that and had a "cheese face"
  5. in the good ol days
  6. for like the first 6 months i smoked i got that good times :smoke:
  7. cool sig OP, sums up my high the other night pretty well :smoke:
  8. come to Northern California the weed here is out of this world better than anything in Amsterdam
  9. If I'm in a good mood when I smoke, I'll probably most likely get that uncontrollably huge grin.
  10. I've found when I look at random girls when I'm stoned I get cheeseface'd
  11. maybe 1 or 2 times when I first started blazing.
  12. I did that once when my friend was telling me about how his sister got busted for pot, said something about "spy cops", and it sent me over the edge.
  13. i had that today, me and this kid were vjust making dumb stoned noises at each other :laughing:
  14. I get it every so often. Makes me feel dumb lol
  15. Only the first time I ever smoked. It was after we had had a few bowls and went into the gas station for drinks..... ended up with a friend and I laugh nonstop, and my friend making racist jokes at the guy working there who looked indian.

    Good times.

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