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Anyone ever freak out about extremely irrational things while high?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by yun444g, Mar 24, 2023.

  1. This has probably been asked a lot already but last night I had the most paranoid, unrealistic thought I’ve ever had so far. I took a 50 mg delta 8 gummy and after a few hours decided to finally get some shut eye. After probably just a minute or two of having my eyes closed, my mind started to wander to aliens for some reason, and I started thinking whoa what if our entire universe was created by aliens and they purposely made it so drugs (like weed, DMT, shrooms, acid) were the only way we could become aware of their existence, but they’re like watching the whole time. THEN I started thinking about this coding class I just started, and literally thought for a second “what if I accidentally coded something wrong and now it’s somehow upset the aliens watching??” It totally freaked me out but honestly as soon as I opened my eyes, everything felt back to normal.

    I think it just stuck with me bc I’ve NEVER had such an irrational worry like that before, normally my anxieties are about real-life things like “what if this person doesn’t like me” or “what the hell am I doing with my life”, never about anything like aliens legit watching me.
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  2. It's not an irrational thought. It's quite foolish for one to think we are alone in the universe. Aliens could very well be observing us.
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  3. Right, that’s very true, I think the irrational part of my train of thought was that I possibly “messed with” the aliens simply by typing the wrong thing in a self-contained coding program, that just seems a little nutty.
  4. But then again, I was probably super close to falling asleep in that moment so my mind was probably entering dream state or something, however that works.
  5. Never disregard a thought. Thoughts out of the ordinary are how things get discovered. Plus if aliens are watching, I don't think they would give a shit about what you or I are doing.
  6. We all know the Egyptians didn’t build the pyramids - it was a more advanced generation

    and to quote Kevin garnet “anything is possible “
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  7. [​IMG]
    They are just slightly out of phase so you can't see them but.........



    Your sticking that probe WHERE ???
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  8. What happens to me: tv/movies, everything becomes extremely funny!
    I laugh till my vision starts blurring. I love it!
    (and, no, I dont deeply ponder over it.)
  9. I 'hear' things lying in bed. Noises and sounds that I know aren't really there but it's kinda weird and kinda funny.

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