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Anyone Ever Feel Sad When They Smoke? (Deeper Than It Looks)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by nikstar, Jun 20, 2013.

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    Okay recently smoking has started to make me sad when I do it. This never was a problem for me when I first started, and I've smoked sporadically for 3 years.
    For example: I was literally just going through the taco bell drive thru and then I roll up to the window and notice the guy working there. It just made me sad, I wouldn't say that there was something mentally or physically wrong with the guy... but he still looked off. He looked like he was raised in a trashy home. And he was working at taco bell because of how he was brought up. People will say you can do whatever you want with your life, but this guy's destiny was to work at Taco Bell for the rest of his life. Day in and day out at a minimum wage, dead end job. 
    Another example: I was at my house in front of my parents and I was observing my parents. My Dad always seems tired and pissed off at work. He has a great job that pays the bills and supports the family, but again.. same situation. Working a 9-5 job in and out.. Then I got to thinking how he was addicted to cigarettes and it made me more sad. I've tried to get him to stop smoking cigs forever, but I am losing hope and just get sad that he's given up on quitting. It is sad when you see someone whom you love so deeply to not conquer a life threatening addiction.
    Like many people say, maybe the world really is just a cruel place. I guess smoking weed has given me a different perspective on life and made me more compassionate. But still, shit's depressing. Anything I can do to not feel this way? (Obviously I know I am blessed to not have cancer, disabilities, etc.)

  2. reward yourself for weed instead of smoking out of habit.
    it seems that disappointment, failure, the 'low end' of the spectrum seems to trigger your sad train of thought. you need to obfuscate those thoughts and not worry about dropping to failure but rather reach success. 
    in this case, you need to engage yourself in a productive activity that you feel will help reach your goals. perhaps, you have to study and create an essay about what you have read. maybe you've always wanted to volunteer at the soup kitchen for community service [of some sort whether it be from the gov. or your heart]. just make sure what you do, you believe it will help you and affect you positively.
    what happens is that after you have successfully completed said activity(s), when you smoke, you can think truthfully and say that you have been productive toward a better, more successful life.
    however, need it be said, do not lie to yourself. do not trick yourself doing something minuscule when you could have done the maximum. you will definitely enjoy your high 100x better knowing and feeling accomplished.
    just my [​IMG]
  3. When that happens to me I don't think about people's lives and how they're living it. If they're happy and working a shitty job, let them be happy. If people enjoy their 9-5 job let them. On the other hand, if they do it just for the money and are sad and trashy just think damn I wish they could realize there's more to life than that but don't get all worked up over it. Next time you're high watch the documentary "happy." People can live what may seem like shitty lives but if you're happy then who cares what anyone thinks. Idk how to explain it but like you said its deeper than it sounds.
  4. This is a part of the reason as to why its illegal. Most if not all who smoke the herb look at life from a diff prespective, the govt doesn't want people to realize they can intake thc rather than drink a bottle of booze, smoke 50 cigs a day,
    or realize that drinking so much caffiene and not enough water can completely fuck your body up. Before I smoked I didn't care, and this is how I think now.
  5. My advice: stop projecting on people. the guy working at taco bell could be a movie star studying for a role for all you know. The implications we make about people based on our own faulty perceptions usually lead to trouble. Instead of thinking you know the reason for something accept that you know nothing.

    Also, quit giving your dad a hard time over cigs. Surely hes aware of the risks and yet he still chooses to do it, and theres a reason for that. Hes been around and knows what he wants from life, even if you don't approve just accept it and throw love his way.

    People will always do and be whatever they want. You can influence somebody, but in the end you have to let life go on as its going to because it will anyway.
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    Do something that makes you proud of yourself.
    My objective is to someday be an artist, and have the possibilities to support my life with that thing that I like so much ( hard to someone live just by music)
    My recent thoughts: I don't care about that anymore, I feel positive when I make one thing that I like, again, I.
    Maybe somebody not gonna like but I like it,maybe nobody gonna like it, but fuck them,  it gives me pleasure, it keeps me motivated, i feel free, i can  pick one joint and smoke it, and believe me, it tastes SO GOOOOOOOOOD. The message is, don't depend on other opinions , dont project your life on other peoples life's.
    My advice, do things that motivate yourself, don't let the "flame" that all teenagers have, die due the lack of failure around you. It's the age of criativity , the age that will be the roots of your life as an adult. ( supposing you are a teenager  18+ counts  :devious:
    Acomplish goals and then try a joint, you will understand exactly what I said.
    Just a song to make you happy  :yay:  :yay:  :yay:  :yay:  :yay:

    Sorry for bad language, im not english
  7. well no but every time i smoke i think about old times like not nostalgia but is like feeling depressed because you used to have fun but now nall my friend either moves away or are not married n left so idk
  8. No, but I understand where you are coming from.
  9. You can begin by not passing judgement on people. The summary of a person's life is not where they work or how far up the corporate ladder they've climbed. These people aren't asking for your pity, they're just living their lives. The guys who empty garbages, flip burgers, and push carts know exactly where they stand in society and the last thing they want is for people to judge them for that. Far as I'm concerned, anybody who lives an honest life is better than most people, regardless of their socioeconomic status.
  10. ^ THIS

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