Anyone ever feel gay after smoking ciggarettes (like literally gay)

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  1. I've got a few friends that 'dip' tobbaco. Never bother myself since dad almost died from cancer for doing same. But i've heard a couple claim that after they dip, they actually feel gay. IE look at gay porn, want to sucks dicks. I xDDD'd like crazy,b ut they said they were totally seroius. Anyone else ever heard of such a thing? Neither of them have ever seemed gay before or anything, and have girlfriends. I've smoked weed with both, so it's not like an inhibition thing...

    couldn't think of anywhere else to ask xD
  2. lol? What?
    Chew makes them want to suck dick?
    Maybe they're just bi or some shit...
  3. ummmmmmmmmm. no. They are bsing you or you are trollin
  4. i'm not trolling. and one offered to suck me off, so i'm pretty sure he felt gay. It's probably tobbaco itself, they were just dipping in this case. I don't have any experience with alcohol or tobbaco, just weed and other stuff like that.
  5. Your friends are gay.

  6. This.
  7. WOW.... no I dip everyday... no homosexual urges with me :smoking:
  8. hmmm. Well i'm sure that they def. like girls. Might be bi then, but heh. IT just seems odd that the only time they'd ever feel such things was after tobbaco. Not like i'd care if they were bi, all the more power to em, but damn.
  9. Well they're bi then. Tobacco doesn't make you gay. maybe they just feel chilled and let theit feelings known?
  10. I've only had one drag off one cig my entire life and no... I didn't feel gay.
    Ass is looking pretty nice in dem jeans bro.
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  11. Yea there is nothing in Tobacco that is gonna make you have homosexual urges. :smoking::smoking:bongin::confused_2::bolt:

  12. :eek: somebody missed out on a free blowjob hahaha jk bro.
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  13. And another thing: If you care about the sanctity of your ass, DO NOT do E with these guys. Emotions might get carried away, clothes could get torn off, and stuff could get put in stuff. Kapeesh?
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  14. Haha, nope. Never felt gay after smoking cigs.

  15. haha


    +rep 2 both of u for makin me LOL :smoking:
  16. I chew tobacoo daily along with fucking my fiancee daily... sometimes at the same time and I gotta say that I have never had the urge to suck a dick... ever.
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    hahah +rep i enjoyed that

    *Group hugs!*
  18. OP,

    i'm pretty sure you just have gay friends who happen to dig chewing tobacco.
  19. hmm, ah well. But yeah, nto gay. No more than bi. They do like girls. Well heh, i should talk to them. But damn, what if they're ONLY gay when on tobbacoo. like, i'll ask the one who offered if he'd still like to do it. if he says no,but then yes next time he dips, then idk what to say about this one.
  20. lol man.. i'm pretty sure folks are either gay or not, no matter if they're on tobacco or anything else.
    maybe it was a convienent excuse for your friend to come out of the closet?

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