Anyone ever done meth or crack/coke

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Nathan, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. If so what is it like? Compared to weed.
  2. well ive done coke and its totally different from weed its a straight rush and makes u feel on top of the world and very euphoric ........ ive hit ice once when i was already fucked up but it was a total rush of speed and euphoria but i did not take a big hit so i wasnt too geeked out from it..... and i have never smoked crack
  3. ive done coke. not my bag. if im gonna do a stim i'll stick with x.
  4. yes,yes, and again yes.the younger years were full of drugs.... meth is non stop jabber and got to move around or was once upon a time when it was not made with crap like coleman fuel and is not good for anyone...yes I did it was it smart no.coke was good but its not a lasting buzz and drains you wallet before you know what hit you and leaves you wanting more and broke too.Crack wasen't even worth doing losy buzz to me and probably because it seems you have to deal with crack heads to get any and there is the the end result if you just look at it.None of it is really worth it stick with some good weed and skip the becoming a addicted burn out from hard drugs that can kill you just as quick as they get you high,or ruin your life in other ways.
    Not saying I didnt enjoy it but it was stupid shit and I got lucky and took a look around and went What THE Fuck.It was turning into the chase to find it and the all the stupid shit that goes along with it ...getting ripped off,hanging around idiots that could think of nothing but the next line ect. not worth the grief it can cause if your not strong willed and even then you may not escape it.
  5. Oh I am definitely not ever going to try them, I'm just curious about what it is like. The only drug I have done excluding alcohol is weed. The only ones I would ever do is shrooms, salvia and mabye LSD and E (I need to research LSD and E more).
  6. Seriously, it really makes me wonder. I mean these drugs must make you feel fucking amazing to make people want to do it so much.
  7. Methamphetamine is fucking pro as balls. Taking a calculus test on meth is one of the most fun things in the universe.
  8. i've done both. let's just say weed doesn't get you high, but meth gets you HIGH as a fucking jet-powered KITE.
  9. coke is like a really energetic bud high, its okay if you only do it like once a month. Also throwing some in a joint to get your mouth numb is pretty cool.
  10. I've smoked crack, it's just like a really short rush...can't really describe it.

  11. Exactly, lets just say the first time i did tweak i couldn't stop sayin "this is the best feeling ever!".

  12. Yeah, meth makes you feel like you are on top of the world.
  13. Ohhhhhh yeah.

    Smoked a LOT of crack ...

    You can't even compare it to weed. There is no similarities at all other then smoking it.

    My advice is to not even think about smoking crack.. don't bother trying meth either, i did it once n it just wasnt my thing.. similar to crack n that shit will hook ya right quick.
  14. dont even try any of that shit, unless you KNOW you can handle it.

    i have an addictive personality, and i tried coke. did it every day last week, and now i have to wait till this week is through because of exams till i can do more. i cannot stop thinking about it. you just feel a complete sense of happiness and like you can conquer the world prettyyy much. a lot different than weed.

    i am NEVER touching meth, ever. then again, thats what i said about coke. i am a stupid motherfucker :mad:
  15. I just finally did coke (I've been wanting to for a while.) I enjoyed it; felt incredibly energetic. The only way I could really describe my mindset, as stated in the Cocaine Appreciation Thread, is I was most definitely "The Man."

    Not really hankering for any more, but I'll definitely try it again someday. ^^

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