anyone ever do time for marijuana?

Discussion in 'General' started by mikimouse, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. Not me as I only deal and smoke with a guy with a government sanctioned medical affirmation to grow and smoke it legally.
  2. yea ive done time.

    like thismorning, i spend an hour cutting bud up from the stalk.

    2 weeks ago i did about 3 hrs of time, taking care of some dirty pots that i like to scrub down to make them sterile.

    as i think about gonna go do some time with my bong right now...catchya later
  3. lol. I meant JAIL time!
  4. no i dont try to smoke bongs in jail

    really what i try to do is smoke them in my house, then sit on this site and chat stupid.

  5. never did any time, but i had to pay a couple fines!
  6. better than prison. Was the fine equal to a couple oz's of fine herb?

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