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anyone ever did datura?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by killgab, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. i found out yesterday from "the golden guide"
    that a flowering plant that grew in the front yard for oh-so-looong has a long history as a hallucinogenic /aphrodisiac with myths from different peoples across the globe:
    "DHATURA and DUTRA (Datura metel) are the common names in India for an important Old World species of Datura. The narcotic properties of this purple-flowered member of the deadly nightshade family, Solanaceae, have been known and valued in India since prehistory. The plant has a long history in other countries as well. Some writers have credited it with being responsible for the intoxicating smoke associated with the Oracle of Delphi. Early Chinese writings report an hallucinogen that has been identified with this species. And it is undoubtedly the plant that Avicenna, the Arabian physician, mentioned under the name jouzmathel in the 11th century. Its use as an aphrodisiac in the East Indies was recorded in 1578. The plant was held sacred in China, where people believed that when Buddha preached, heaven sprinkled the plant with dew.
    Nevertheless, the utilization of Datura preparations in Asia entailed much less ritual than in the New World. In many parts of Asia, even today, seeds of Datura are often mixed with food and tobacco for illicit use, especially by thieves for stupefying victims, who may remain seriously intoxicated for several days.
    Datura metel is commonly mixed with cannabis and smoked in Asia to this day. Leaves of a white-flowered form of the plant (considered by some botanists to be a distinct species, D. fastuosa) are smoked with cannabis or tobacco in many parts of Africa and Asia.
    The plant contains highly toxic alkaloids, the principal one being scopolamine. This hallucinogen is present in heaviest concentrations in the leaves and seeds. Scopolamine is found also in the New World species of Datura (pp. 142-147). Datura ferox, a related Old World species, not so widespread in Asia, is also valued for its narcotic and medicinal properties."

    this fucking thing grew there and yesterday i went home and looked for it and i didn't see any of the distinctive flowers and seeds/spiny fruits.

    but what i want to know is "experiences" from people who actually used it and how long it lasts and how much to use and what part to use and shit like that.
    also, should i or should i not??
  2. from what i know..which is a little can kill you, generally you smoke too little for fear of dying, or you smoke enough to get you high, but die instead.
  3. lol

    Like DXM cough syrup with paracetamol.... by the time you've drank enough to trip, you'll be dead :p
  4. that isnt true..

    i still wouldnt recommend it though.. you have no control over the trip, and can go into trances and shoot yourself, walk into traffic, drown, etc.. really a dangerous drug, unless you have a trip sitter who can physically overpower you if neccesary. absolutely, definitely not something to do in public..
  5. i know that deadly night shade is extremely poisonous i don't know about dhatura though

    why not just stick to weed and shrooms though?
  6. "why not just stick to weed and shrooms though?"

    i am sticking to weed. well no alcohol and cigs for me anymore. but there isn't ANY shrooms where i live (trinidad, west indies) no acid either. just weed and coke.
    coke sucks. i reallly don't to die or poison myself but the datura grows in many places around. it's easy to find for me.
    i really would like some shrooms or acid to try though but finding adealer who sells that is like finding acid on the side of the road : it doesn't happen here.

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