Anyone ever delt with Truancy?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sonow, May 26, 2010.

  1. Or being truant? Even though It's my last year and we have like 6 days left of school(really), I'm for some reason fucking truant. Now can someone tell me if they DT for that? I'm gonna be clean no matter what, I'd just like to know.
  2. all i did was skip class and party all through junior high and high school.....not that i think everyone should.....

    but hell skipping class was all i did.....

    for the most part i never even got caught...and when i did i would usually find a way to talk myself out of it.....

    of coarse i was in high school 20years idea what they are pulling now?
  3. If you were truant for a class it means you knowingly did not come to a class without calling the school ahead of time. There not going to drug test you for that..haha..At my highschool you get put on 3rd tier or something like that which means you cannot go to school events(sports mostly), and are not allowed to park in the main parking lot.
  4. for some reason?

    well........ the reason aren't going? shit, seems pretty simple to me.

    go to school, and there won't be a problem with you, well, not going to school.

  5. I know right

    How dare they
  6. Why the fuck would they DT for truancy?

    The endless things people seem to be subjected to DTs for in America fuckin scares me man.

  7. "I see here that you've posted upon a forum dubed, Grasscity. Is this forum not marijuana based?"


    "Piss in this cup"
  8. They dont DT for truancy...honestly im not quite sure why you would even think they would...
  9. they're going to call and tell your mommy and daddy
  10. Go to school for six more days and you'll be fine.
  11. they wont do anything.

    you can clear truencies by making up some bullshit about how u were sick.
  12. Truancy caught me coming out of McDonald's one day. They drove me back to school and then I left again. I say fuck 'em.

  13. And with that note /thread

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