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Anyone ever chew after a smoke session?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WB x NikeSB, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Be honest, haha.
    I do sometimes, it gives you a crazy buzz.
  2. one time

    didnt like it

    but i dont really like chewing in general...

    nice cig by the way
  3. Haha thanks if that wasn't sarcastic! :rolleyes::smoking:
  4. mmmm it's my favorite thing to do....wintergreen flavor after smoking green is great
  5. I did it for the first time yesterday it was alright I wasn't super high though I was coming down a bit wasn't as good as skittles or stuff like that.
  6. i hate doing that when i'm high, i usually have pretty bad cotton mouth so my mouth is all dry and i cant feel it that well, i dont want something that'll make you throw up in my mouth
  7. its all about bustin out a pipe and packing a fat bowl of tobacco then puffing on that. i swear that shit made me trip balls the first time. ive never spun like that off anything but a pipe.
  8. ill usually throw in some berry or citrus pouches because im a pussy and ill throw up if i do long cut anymore. i used to dip alot and was used to long cut then i stopped for a year tried long cut two weeks ago. was soooooo close to yuking, ill never dip again. pouches only.
  9. i dont like to dip but nothing beats an awesome buzz from a kool after a smoke sesh
  10. Skoal Straight Long Cut FTW!

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