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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by -DoPeMan-, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. i am going to be buying some seeds here soon, and only a few seed banks have my strain, and this particular one is a bit cheaper then the others - any feedback?
  2. Anyone ?

    anything will help me, bad sell? good sell ?
  3. Whats your strain? Doc chronic is the way 2 go
  4. before ordering your seeds, go to they have the biggest or close to the biggest selection ever. you can get seeds from all different breeders there, including the companies that will not send there seeds directly to the us. even if you already found the seeds u want and they WILL ship them to the us, still check out seedbay because they could be a little bit cheaper, never know till you look
  5. Sweet Tooth #4 is the strain, HAS to be #4 though, previous Strains have had mold problems..

    and i hear its awsome for yield in the SOG OP.

    Anyone wanna give some tips ? :D
  6. no luck eh?
  7. yea no information on thease guys, i emailed them, no response.

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