Anyone ever blazed in a parking lot...

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  1. ...and then realized there was someone in the next car the whole time [​IMG]

    Happened to me earlier before work. Went into the parking lot and pulled in between two cars. The one on my left was empty and for some reason I didn't think to look at the car on my right. Smoked two bowls of Blue Dream [​IMG] and listened to some music for a few minutes then I look to my right and realize that there's a guy in his 50's in the next car over.

    I have tint on my front side windows but it's only 50% (I'd love to get it darker, but in California we're not supposed to have any tint on the front door windows at all. Cops around here usually don't pull you over for tint alone, but if you get pulled over for something else, they'll cite you for front window tint especially if it's dark. But I digress).

    50% tint is enough to see through from the outside if you're in a brightly lit environment (which I was in the parking lot). I had no idea if he saw me though, he was just staring ahead when I first saw him. But it almost looked like he just looked away once he saw me see him lol, and maybe he was pretending he hadn't seen me smoke

    I freaked out a bit and became so paranoid, I promptly reversed the hell out of there (as I backed out, in my peripheral vision I saw him take a look at me) and found another parking spot on another level. I had to get to work but my paranoia worsened as I pictured the old guy reporting me to security (I work in a shopping/entertainment plaza w/ lots of security guards), and thoughts of security guards coming into my work place and demanding to speak to me rushed through my head. Luckily nothing happened lol, I made it to work and worked my shift with no troubles. Either the guy didn't see me smoke at all, or he did see but didn't care.

    Probably not the most interesting story but it was the most paranoid I've ever been while high. Next time I smoke in a parking lot, I'll remember to look both ways lol
  2. dude it happens. the regular avarage person wont care, just leave if you feel paranoid.
  3. i was with somebody in a tinted out car just chillin in the middle of the day in an empty parkin lot. smoked a l then started foolin around, if you get wat im sayin ;) lol. I looked up and saw this guy like 10ft away walking his dog. he knows he know, we just laughed and waited for him to walk on
  4. I get paranoid any time I smoke in public, even if i'm just cruising. I wish more people were chill about weed; its such a harmless thing, I actually drive better when i'm high.
  5. alright everyone that gets paranoid needs to stop and remember this is fucking 2010 and that the person your tweeked about probably smokes too...not many people care too much anymore really..
  6. I wouldn't worry too much about it, I bet he couldn't really tell what type of smoke it was anyways.
  7. and honestly also id rather smoke in public than in a car isnt that im paranoid in cars i just feel safer when smoking a blunt or a j or something outside near people?idk i guess im just weird
  8. Nah but I've had a dealer drop off in my car with an occupied car next to mine, I realized it afterwards and felt like shit cause I didn't see that it was occupied
  9. You probably shouldnt be paranoid, most people won't care.
    I was in a car just chillin and there were people blazing in the car beside me. Damn I wanted to ask if they wanted to match a bowl with me.
  10. haha alla. i remember like 9 people (including myself) packed this little dodge neon trying to pass this 2 foot bong around getting blazed right outside this mall haha
  11. all day erry dayy:smoke:
  12. There's been a few times, One time I parked on the side of a gas station by my house in between two cars to hit a few one hitters really quick. On my fourth one or so I look to my right and theres a guy in his truck talkingon his cell phone just staring at me, i dipped after that.

    Other time me and my friend were smoking a blunt in my car on the side of a building and we noticed a guy sitting in his car next to us. We continue doming out the blunt doing smoke tricks the whole time then look over at the guy again, his girlfriend must have come out because she was in the car to, and there both just staring at us laughing and pointing. They then waved and gave a thumbs up and left. Was pretty funny at the time me n my buddy were laughn so hard.
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    I used to blaze in a McDonald's parking lot every day before and after work for like 6 months. I never had any problems but there was one time that stuck out in my mind because it was pretty funny.

    I was in a spot with both spaces open around me (there were other cars near so it wasn't sketchy). I started to blaze and sort of forgot about it but as I was taking a hit I heard someone laugh to my left. I look over and there's this chill looking dude who just pulled into the spot there, he's cracking up and just goes "man I wish I had my weed!" :hello:
  14. This isnt true at all. There are plenty of places in this country who make it one of their top priorities. Just because your city takes a laissez-faire approach to it, doesn't mean everybody does.
  15. I bet that guy was blazing too. He probably looked at you when you backed out because he also didn't know you were in the car l0l.
  16. i blaze in parkin lots all the time...usually at school i blaze in my parking lot

    and one time me and my 2 friends fishbowled his car in the pakring lot of a movie theater right before the movie...honestly one of the most epic fishbowls ive ever been a part of...i legit couldnt see my friend in the drver seat when i was in the front passenger seat
  17. Used to blaze in the parking lot outside the bowling alley between games. A few times people saw us but no big as the alley was right across from the community college.
  18. Eh, I wasn't smoking but I was bare ass naked with my girlfriend in her car, actually it was when I lost my virginity lol.

    Anyways we were at this lake that's miles from anything else, one road leading up to it. And out of my peripheral I see movement so I glance over...

    It's a fucking family walking their dog. I'm like OMGWTF, I basically toss my lady off of me, and we peak up and see the family walking past, the kids staring, and mom and dad stifling laughter as they rush their kids away... Kinda a bad way to get cock blocked
  19. I hate when this happens.

    Once when I lived with my parents still, I had to go to the grocery store for my mom to cook whatever it was we were having for dinner. I went in, got everything, and sat in the parking lot for a few minutes while I smoked a few bowls. The couple parked to my left came out of the store and a chick saw me packing a bowl up over my shoulder. Her and her boyfriend or w/e he was got in the car and the chick dug out a bowl out of her purse and tapped it on her window as they pulled off.

    I was freaking the fuck out throwing weed all over my mom's car trying to hide everything this whole time, because they suprised the hell out of me when they just appeared like a foot from my window all of a sudden.

  20. Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I don't know any smokers yet. I'm gonna find it hard to find a connect when I get my medical card. I know two people to ask that might know a stoner who knows a dealer. But I don't look like a stoner, I'm a 45 yo fat woman. No one is going to introduce me with their connect, who'm I kidding.

    All the people I know would string up stoners by their toenails if they could get a hold of them. I am sure there are a lot of weed smokers in Hawaii being it's the perfect place to grow, but I haven't met a one.

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