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Anyone ever blaze on Stone Mountain, Atlanta Georgia?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kid_Notorious, May 8, 2011.

  1. I mean actually on the mountain. I went there as a kid years ago and I've been thinking for a while that would be an incredible place to blaze one especially in one of the cooler months of the year. So anyone ever blaze on the mountain? I'm thinking maybe wonder off the trail just a bit so noone sees. Anyone with advice I thank in advance.:smoke:
  2. I've always wanted to do that, but whenever I want to nobody wants to head out with me.

    Another good place is Lookout Mountain, during the Festival of Lights, in TN. It's during the winter, and theres TONS of christmas lights all over the mountain. It's quite a fun thing to see while you're blazed.
  3. did it once. got there about six walked up for a good 20 min and found a nice place to toke.\t sunrise was pretty epic
  4. I know some people who have done that. Another great place is Kennesaw Mountain, not as well known so it's less occupied most of the time. Beauuuutiful scenery
  5. Few times, but I live like 5 minutes away from it.
  6. Well, on the edge of the mountain on an overhang.

    One of the first times I ever got high, we went to stone mountain at night in the summer and went off in the woods before the lazer show and toked up. It made it so much better. It was pretty fun. Slightly risky, but only slightly. It's not at all if you know of good spots.

    I live like almost within sight of the mountain though, like five minutes, so I know alot of spots. It's a cool place to just walk around baked in general in my opinion
  7. Smoked a joint on top of it about a year ago. It was grand, because I was able to joke about being high while getting high.

  8. Would you say further up where you can see for miles is safer? Or in the more wooded area closer to the start of the trail at the base?

    I also wanna see the Tupac statue they have there.
  9. This.

  10. I would definitely say a little bit farther up. I mean you don't have to go to the very top where it's pure rock tho. I hike around alot out there when I'm back home from college and I tend to run into a lot less people the higher up I get. Like, if you know where the pavillion is that's like mid way point on the way up, there are several different trails that go off into the woods and then those trails all kind of intertwine and you get some privacy pretty easy. i'd def go for more in the mornings or dusk though. Mid day, esp in the summer it gets pretty crowded. Wouldn't want a hiker to ruin a session. The mid height is nice to me too, because you can still kinda chill in the woods, but walk just down the trail to a big out look and still be able to see a long ways.

    There is a SUPER sick spot I know that you go up the side of the mountain over by the giant ass play ground. It's actually almosttt a climb, but really its jsut a STEEP hike. The overhang is sooooo beautiful in the mornings tho. But it's def one of those you have to have some one show you how to get there kinda places.
  11. I blazed on mountains, just not stone mountain..I might know someone who has thoug...hopefully he'll see this thread.

  12. Judging by the username.... I think you toke on REAL mountains lol :D. We call it a mountain... It's really just a giant ass rock :eek: (I mean aren't all mountains... but you know what I mean haha)
  13. man i remember stone mtn, that shit was kinda cool when i was younger and i rmember the bigass engraving and lights show at night n shit, cool ass lil train that takes u around to the top. new smoke trip now in the works. thankyou.
  14. This trips me out.... I grew up with the mountain outside of my window. Gonna have to hit the mountain tomorrow for sunset.
  15. i did it once when me and my cosins at a family reunion we snuck away and found this area behind a rock where nobody was at

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