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Anyone ever been to the Boston Hempfest?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CTR0420, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. I am moving to boston on sunday, and I was checking out the weed situation there when I stumbled upon the Boston Hempfest. Since I'll be living in an apartment with my dad, who is definitely not cool with weed, the only place I'll be able to smoke is in my car. I currently have my license suspended till november though cause of a DUI, so I'm looking at a 3 1/2 month weed drought :/ this is where the hempfest comes in. Apparently, it's on september 18 on the boston commons and theres cheap glass, hemp stuff, and most importantly, EVERYONE SMOKES OPENLY. Sooo I was just wondering if anyone had ever been or knows anyone thats ever been? Also, whats the best head shop in the boston area? thanks guys, much appreciated :smoking:
  2. Ever since The Joint got shut down by a raid theres no good head shops in boston. Everything is overpriced and/or shitty glass. Going a quick drive to NH or RH you can find very nice glass though. The weed here is good depending on your connects. I've actually never been to any hempfest and I've lived here my whole life, always been busy that day.
  3. Alrightt well if you don't mind me asking how's the bud situation in boston? Like what are prices usually/ what kind of weed can you get?
  4. Sugar Daddy's is the only decent head shop, and the prices are out of control. Buried Treasures is okay, but the glass is cheap. Good for emergencies, but if you want big tubes, you've got to go to RI or NH.

    As for prices, you're looking at $400ish for beasters/low-end dank, and as much as $480 for the headies. Expect the 30/60/120/240 breakdown for less than that.

    MA is also a simple civil violation ($100 fine plus possible local fines) for possession of one ounce or less.

  5. Yeah, glass is very overpriced in the city unfortunately. I've bought a piece from sugar daddy's, which I'd probably recommend over the hempest, but neither is that good...
    I went to hempfest last year, it was pretty fun. Lots of people smoking openly and live music, lots of people selling glass etc. As far as cops, my understanding is that you won't be bothered unless you're buying or selling at the hempfest, so that might leave you in an awkward situation
    I only moved to boston recently myself, so I can't vouch for prices that well yet. Most of the weed I've been able to get a hand on has been a bit on the pricy side considering the quality, but I'm sure you can find reasonably priced bud with a good connect
  6. its MA and you can now smoke freely anywhere you want. just carry what your gonna smoke and if you get caught toss it and theres no way to prove its yours. and if they could its 100 doller fine anyway.

    Boston has great buds when college is in sesh. all kinds of exotics for 350 oz. you can get beasters for 200-250 depending if your friends with the dealer or not. most of the quantity is located inside of the 495 belt and outside of the 128 belt.

    Im in Woosta and i can get anything anytime. I grew up here tho and know 80% of the big timers out here.
  7. #7 b0nfire, Jul 27, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 27, 2010
    Hempfest is pretty awesome. There's just a lot of college kids as well as general stoners chilling at the commons and everyone tokes up around 4:20.

    You can check out parks to smoke in too btw, it's not hard to just roll a J and head out to a park and relax out there, so the car is not the only place you can smoke.

    As people said, the joint recently got raided and shut down. (It was overpriced anyway.) So is Sugar Daddy's. I don't recommend getting glass in Boston. It's expensive as fuck.

    Bud situation in Boston is good. It can be expensive (20$ p gram, 60$ p 1/8) but the bud quality doesn't disappoint.

    @DTM: I'm from Worcester too, grew up there. crazy.
  8. I know this is an old thread but I recently moved to Boston as well and I'm having a REALLY hard time meeting people to chill with and especially to help out the buds situation lol. so PM me please please if anyone wants to chill sometime or help out.
    Thanks a bunch!
  9. Please read the rulez!

    Peace love and happiness going out to all my boston buddies. Keep safe world is gettin crazy
  10. Sorry I should reiterate I'm not asking for a connection lol.
    if anyone wants to meet up and toke as well that's cool but I am literally asking
    for friends lol.
    I have none out here and it's starting to be depressing ya know?
    PM me if you want to chill though!

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