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Anyone Elses Throat Hurt?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by halfstoned, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. about a month and a half ago I caught a cold from a friend that I use to always smoke blunts with. at the time we were putting down anywhere between 2-6 blunts a day. while I was sick I never stopped smoking. my constant coughing from the cold eventually went away but left me with a little morning cough. my throat got to the point it was hurting real bad every time I smoked a blunt, or even bowls. Ive been off blunts for about 2 weeks now and mainly smoke raw papers nd bowls now but it still hurts a little smoking js. also I cough up brown stuff sometimes now. anyone know what this is from and how to stop it?
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    Its from being sick; you're dragging out your throat problem by constantly irritating it with smoke while its trying to heal. Its not like you won't get better if you don't stop smoking; but you're definitely causing it to last so long yourself haha. Its the aftermath of a throat cold and will be gone within a week or so I'm sure 
  3. its already been a month and a half tho. I'm probly jus gonna have to go on like a 2 week t break and start jogging n shit.
  4. The tobacco in blunts could be causing it? Do you smoke cigs?
  5. Anyone think maybe it's the shitty weed he is smoking. I am going to go out on a limb and say if you are smoking 2-6 blunts a day you must be smoking that bobby brown.
  6. nah don't smoke any cigs and yeah the mids I usually been smokin kinda sucks. I might go as far as to say its reggie
  7. Bobby brown means weed that is brown. Like Mexican shit. And you said it our self. Your smoking crap. I am sure it's full of miracle grow and those are the nice toxins that are hurting your throat.
  8. yea I am smoking crap but that's all I can afford and ud be lucky to come across any loud near my area
  9. Then you answered your own question.
  10. but I didn't know that's what it was from smart ass. u suggested it. and the pain is in the very bottom if my throa instead of all threw it if that helps
  11. Are you from America? Didn't know schwag was still around.
  12. My girl always makes fun of me when I add "and shit" at the end of my sentences. Lol
  13. I think he is asking for help
    Stop smoking everything for a few weeks \\If that does not clear it up go to doc and get a check up.
    It could be a long term infection or strep throat etc............................
    Smoking is only making it worse
  14. Ok t break I guess it is. and tell ur girlfriend to suck a big one
  15. and I wudnt say schwag its mid just not that good. aint no Mexican shit

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