Anyone else's area very strict on tobacco products?

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  1. It's kinda ridiculous here. The age for tobacco is 19 and maybe I look more like i'm 16 or 17, but that shouldn't matter. I gave you my license and it scanned, give me my shit. Pisses me off when cashiers decide what an of age person should look like or not. Either that or they lecture me.

    I've actually been turned down twice buying something stupid like a lighter or rolling papers because they said my ID was fake. Yeah, sure I have a fake under 21 license, i'm sure. It's kinda stupid because i actually discriminate which stores I go into because it just isn't worth the trouble sometimes.

    Rant over. :smoke:
  2. Yeah I heard the tobacco age was 19 there, as if that's going to make a difference :rolleyes:
  3. Sorry dude sucks to hear. I'm 21 almost 22 and I was buying booze and cigs when I was 17 haha. I got denied sometimes but I never had a problem getting smokes and almost never had an issue getting my drinks.
  4. Looking like a 12 year old, I know that I will get ID'ed at every turn. After getting inside bars, most people relax and feel at ease. I, on the other hand, continue to fear and watch for employees who would pick my baby-face out in a crowd and potentially ruin the night for my whole group.

    What I never understood was the apparent age-restriction on lighters. What meaningful purpose does this serve? In my experience, the only place people have gotten ID'ed for a lighter has been at a convenience store. It seems fruitless to ban something that is readily sold at regular stores with no second-thought as to the purchasers age. Lighters are used for lighting (no shit right?) anything; cigarettes, grills, fireworks, candles, etc. I don't understand the motive for a convenience store cashier to go through the hassle of denying the sale and arguing with the customer, when it would be so much easier just to scan the thing and collect the 2 bucks.
  5. Its 19 years old in Onandoga COunty also, Its lame.
    I usually go to the reservaton tho and get cheap cartons tho.
  6. The worst is when you go into a store almost every day and see the same person working and also have a full beard and they still ID you every time.

    I blame New York state for setting up sting operations for this kind of shit.
  7. I look old enough to buy cigs but I hate when I'm buying some and i'm with a friend that doesn't have an ID and they ask for both of our ID's. Fucking ridiculous. i'm buying them, not my friend.
  8. damn dude. i used to look REALLY young too, but they wouldn't even scan it for me. they'd just look at me funny. only once i got turned down and that was when i was out of state.
  9. Tobaccy laws are so strict in Ontario man. I dont know if they do this anywhere else, but they keep everything locked behind the counter so you can't see it, to "prevent on a whim buyers" Also with Cigars now, you have to look through a book instead of being able to browse through the humidor and smell the cigars...fucking ridiculous.
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    Why don't you get other people to mail the lawmakers? People complain about this and the drinking age being higher then eighteen, but the reality is that you let the goverment hold that power over you by not doing anything but complaining.

    Edit: In 2000 the number of 10-14 year olds was over twenty million. All of them were of legal voting age in the past two years. Alot of them I heard bitching about the laws the past years. Yet only 48% voted in 2008. But there is a big difference between voting for someone and making sure mail them, reminding them of their obligations, and voting them out the next year.

    Sources U.S. census voting and registration 08' and 2000 U.S. census.

  11. Word. I go to the same town liquor store almost daily here and the same lady ID's me every time. She actually told me last night she does it because there was a bust op there some years back. Fuckin cop bought stuff multiple times and they always carded him but he kept coming. They didn't card him eventually because they saw his ID over a dozen times. He busted them for the one fucking time. Bullshit.

    The worst is stores who see my ID when I AM buying booze and they need the ID of the person standing next to me.
  12. That's such bullshit.

    What a waste of taxpayer's dollars.
  13. in my town in NJ its realllly strict. i went to every store in my down. mind you i spent a day lookin... and i got carded or just rejected at every one. i was 18. i have like a chinstrap beard and a little soul patch and all. idk they were being so strict. but i became friends with the local gas staion owner, and he hooks me up. except im of age now haha. so now he just hooks me up with PrOducTs and tools and salvia and other goodies :cool:

  14. Uhm, where the hell do they ID you for lighters? I've never been ID'd for lighters. Is that even legal?
  15. I know it sounds crazy but its true. Ive been IDd twice for a lighter ha. One time was in an actual tobacco shop, and the other at a gas station. At the gas station they actually had the lighters behind the counter so I had to tell them which colour I wanted :rolleyes:
  16. I've never personally been ID'ed for a lighter, but I know people who have been.
  17. I got carded last night...full beard and all, by the same guy that use to sell me my jacks when I was 16!

    After he remembered who I was, he just said "ah sorry man 9 year old boys be comin in here with full beards nowadays." I just had a laugh, and went on my way.
  18. I used to work at a gas station and I would card people just to piss them off. It was great, when some nasty fat bitch or some homeless looking dude came in and didn't have an ID. One time I carded this woman she was in her 40's almost 50's and I told her I needed to see her ID. She said I don't have my id on me. I was like sorry then I can't sell you these cigarettes it's the law. She got really pissed and the police had to be called. People go crazy over shit like that..

  19. is jacks a dc/nova thing? because i havent heard outside of this area using it
  20. Yeah, definitely. When I lived in Utah I was constantly asking my friends "can I bum a jack" when I had none and they all looked at me like I was crazy.

    Even my dad calls them jacks.

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