Anyone else?

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  1. Am I the only one who likes doing this?
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  2. Most likely your the only one. Back in the day when I used to smoke cigs we would roll them in cheap hash oil. I would save the BHO for dabbing.
  3. Yes you are the only one who likes cigs

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  4. I smoke but do have to admit I'm not a fan of it and tell my kids not to follow my stupid mistakes trying to get myself mentally in Ina better spot to actually quit for good as of now I'm 30 been smoking sense I was 19 (started much younger wised up and stoped before it became a adiction then like a moron picked back up while drinking) so i.may get lucky and not have any severe consequences on my lungs def think everyone should remeber that "IF YOU SMOKE BROWN YOU IS A CLOWN" even applys to cigarettes..good luck
  5. when i smoked tobacco we used to do just that. we would get the remaining wax / oil from the tool we used and while the tool was still warm, we would wipe the excesss on a smoke. yup, got me really high every time!
  6. Applying a cure for cancer to a cause of cancer. Gross.

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  7. Saying that bho is a "cure" for cancer is a bit dramatic.

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  8. not a cure but a way to put cancer into remission which is the best you can get right now. And its all done without dangerous chemo or radiation therapy.
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    I do something similar when my cigarette holder gets clogged up with resin. I take the resin from the pipe cleaner and wipe it either to the inside of a rolling paper or onto the outside of the joint. Some people say that resin is gross but I like it.

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  10. That is so gross. Do you hold the tobacco in your lungs deeply for 15 seconds too?
  11. Wait...
    Tobacco resin?
    I want to puke man... thats fucking sick...
    I hope i just misunderstood man...
    dam man..
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    No...marijuana resin. I dislike tobacco cigarettes and avoid them at all costs. I use my dragon cigarette holder to help cool down the smoke of my cannabis joints.
  13. Ahh, ok. I completely misunderstood, if i had read it over and actually thought it out it would have made sense. My apologies.
    But still putting rez in anything is still iffy unless it's been a month since you smoked and that spoon is just staring at you... it's for desperate times not for "enjoyment"

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