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  1. not hate cops?

    I grew up and live in the suburbs, and have not once had a bad run in with our local pd. I've been pulled over in cars that reek of weed, had just been being smoked in, and often have had paraphernalia and weed in them. Of all the times this happened, the worst I saw any of the police do was take my friends bong, but he received a call later to come pick it up, the cop said he just didn't want us smoking and driving anymore. I've had plenty of the local p.d. tell me they don't mind us smoking, and even smoking then driving, but that locals have started to complain about being behind cars full of people smoking weed and stuff like that.

    tldr;cops in my town are pretty cool :)
  2. Same here man, a cop has never given me a hard time when I've been respectful and honest. Its the "fuck da police" types who give cops attitudes and then act outraged when the cop treats them like shit in return.
  3. Can't say I've ever had a pleasurable experience with one. I wouldn't go as far as saying I hate them but I sure as hell dislike them.
  4. i dont hate cops they are there to help us, but i do dislike cops that abuse their power! not all are bad ive encountered plenty of cool cops. especially one that everyone is cool with even makes fun of the rookies for having power trips and no sense of humor, we once convinced him to do a burnout in his cop car. what town you from impact?
  5. I think it all depends on the area you live in. I've never really had a bad run in, and that includes being arrested. I was young and dumb lol, we've all been there right?

    Sometimes shit happens, but why blame the guy for doing his job? If you're adult enough to break the law, you should be adult enough to understand there is a consequence that comes with it. The way I look at it.

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