Anyone else watch Ron Paul run away with the Iowa debate last night?

Discussion in 'General' started by clinsanity, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I feel bad for him. He keeps having to explain the concepts of liberty and following the constitution while all the other candidates just stare at him dumbfounded.
  2. Run away with the Iowa debate? I don't know about that one. Saying we shouldn't be involved in Irans' nuclear projects is idiotic, and thats not going to secure him the nomination.
  3. Getting caught up on one of his views is alot different that disagreeing with 90% of the other GOP candidates'.
  4. I'm Canadian, but I like Ron Paul. Now, my opinion on politics is worth almost nothing, but I do know where I stand ideaologically, and Ron Paul seems to be on my wavelength there. However, he hasn't really had much pressure yet, who knows if he would follow through with his ideaology if he made it to the big leagues.
  5. picardfacepalm.jpg
  6. Good picture. Care to explain the, "/facepalm", are you just gunna say that I'm wrong and you're right?

  7. Yeah Ron Paul ran away with it. 23k out of 38k votes? Next closest got 5000 :laughing:

    to the guy that thinks we should be involved in Irans nuclear project


    Our country is bankrupt. We can't just keep ignoring that and pretending that we're this great country that likes to stick our noses in EVERYONE's business. But if anybody gets in our face....God forbid we'll probably start a war with them.

    We can't keep spending money if we're ever going to get out of this hole. Especially occupying the middle east

    Hell they told us Iraq had all these WMD's as an excuse to go to war. Our government is just a bunch of control freaks who think they need to have an eye on everything going on in the world

    RP 2012
  8. Yeah we think(the united states) that we are the greatest and have the right to control everybody in the world and tell them what they can and can't do. If we don't like you you can't do certain things. If we just stayed out of people business they wouldn't hate us as much. Seriously, all off the middle east hates us because we go in and take over their country and wage war and destroy it and kill their family and friends. How would we feel if Russia came in and took over the US? We'd fucking hate them too.
  9. Ron Paul has my vote, there are some other things I don't agree with him but if he doesn't win our economy will turn to shit. Plus he's a good economicist, he's smart, and he would completely trash Obama in a debate.
  10. I don't think we should worry about Iran's nuclear projects yet, but they definitely warrant keeping our eyes on. I sure hope Ron Paul wins in 2012, but I feel, like McCain, his age may keep him from winning.
  11. Ron Paul will not win the presidential election.

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